NAS Comparison

NAS at a glanceThinking about investing in network attached storage to protect your files, but not sure where to begin? With dozens of commercial NAS devices on the market and multiple different ways to make your own, getting started can be a challenge. But never fear! We’ve picked out all of the most important points … Continued

Acronis Review

Acronis True Image Cloud offers a comprehensive range of features including both online and local backups, unlimited storage space, file sharing and end-to-end encryption. A few usability issues hardly detract from its appeal and professional finish, making it a strong contender in the online backup market. You can read a detailed review below or sign up … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Backup

It’s every mobile phone owner’s biggest fear: Dropping your beloved Samsung Galaxy or iPhone into something terrifying like the toilet, your neighbor’s pool, or your morning coffee.Unless you magically manage to revive your phone with plenty of prayers and a large bag of rice, you’re going to be out an expensive piece of technology.You know … Continued

How to Backup and Restore Android

Android is the most popular operating system used on cellphones today, with 52% of users worldwide relying on Google’s trademark mobile OS.Given that an estimated 2 billion people are using smartphones in 2016, that’s a whole lot of Android handsets.And given that 25% of people have never backed up any of their hardware, that’s a … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Data Archiving

First thing’s first: Like everything else in the universe, your data is going to die eventually.Surprised? I don’t blame you. In this digital day and age—in which the internet never forgets, and technology is advancing at an uncomfortably fast rate—it’s easy to forget that nothing actually lasts forever.Personal photos, music playlists, medical documents, school records… … Continued

5 Best Android Backups

If, like 52% of the smartphone-owning population, you’re an Android user, you might want to think about setting up Android backups as well as storing the data on your PC. Why? Because today, our phones aren’t just for calling – they’re also where we keep our photos and videos, our messages, notes and other records of … Continued

Commercial NAS devices

Setting up a commercial NAS storage device isn’t hard, although it can be a little time consuming. Most major manufacturers will send the device over with a handy setup guide, and there are plenty of resources on both company websites and tech forums that can help you out if you get stuck.  Also bear in … Continued

Build your own NAS (and more) from an old PC

If you’d like a bit more say in the construction of your NAS, or want more space and functionality without having to pay for a commercial device, deciding to build your own NAS system from re-purposed hardware could be the solution for you.Unlike creating a NAS from a router and an external storage device, this … Continued

The Rough Guide to Network Attached Storage (NAS)

What is NAS?NAS, or Network Attached Storage, is a way of storing files from multiple devices in a local network by attaching an external hard drive to the network itself, rather than plugging it directly into your computer. As well as giving you plenty of storage space to play with, you can also add and … Continued

Your First Online Backup: Getting Prepared

So you’ve decided to use an online backup service to protect your valuable data? It’s a good decision, and one that will buy you peace of mind and hopefully save you from a future sinking feeling when you realise you’ve lost important files or precious memories. For the purposes of this guide, let’s assume that you’ve … Continued

BackupEverything Review

BackupEverything’s On the Go account is a useful solution for subscribers already using their flagship Business account, but needs some further development to compete as a solution for independent users. You can read a detailed review below or sign up now. PROS Unlimited storage space Great customer support Basic processes work well CONS OTG is a sideline to … Continued

Local Backups: How to Protect Your Data

Our main “raison d’etre” here at BestBackups is to review online backup services, however, I’m strongly of the belief that local backups are still an important part of protecting your valuable data. They’re also cheap and easy to set up, as I’m going to explain now. As you’ll see from my backup plans guide, the most … Continued

5 Best Backups for Time Machine Users

If you’re a Mac user, it’s likely that you’ve come across Time Machine – Apple’s integrated backup program that automates backups of your data to an external hard drive. It’s a very highly praised system that does an excellent job of keeping your files safe – but is it enough? If, like us, you subscribe … Continued

It’s World Backup Day!

Crack open the champagne, bring out the cakes… today’s World Backup Day, and it’s time to celebrate backups! Excited? We know we are! Backups themselves might be a little uninspiring, but the things they save definitely aren’t, so we’ve come up with 7 great reasons to store your data this World Backup Day – keep … Continued