Network Attached Storage

Here, you can find official BestBackups guides to three essential types of NAS system: Commercial NAS devices by manufacturers like QNAP and Synology which you can just plug in and goSimple DIY systems built from a router and an external storage device, and run using DD-WRT NAS devices that you can build from scratch using … Continued

iDrive One Giveaway: Win your own personal cloud!

We are pleased to announce an exclusive promotion on the all-new iDrive One personal cloud device. Alongside the opportunity to win one completely free! In association with BestBackups, iDrive is offering the new iDrive One for just $59.50 instead of the usual price of $99.99. This is a reduction of over 40%! This offer applies … Continued

The Amazing Backblaze Reseller Plan (and Special Deal)

If you provide IT support, becoming a Backblaze reseller is a great way to establish a solid stream of extra revenue for your business. The best part is that you can do so delivering a tried and tested backup solution to your clients. We have a special offer running on this – click here to … Continued

RemotePC Further Diversifies IDrive’s Output With Foray Into Remote Access Software

Online backup giant IDrive has added to its growing collection of additional services with the recent launch of RemotePC – a new and improved tool which allows users to manage computers and Macs remotely from any other PC, tablet or mobile device. While IDrive’s recent innovations (including wireless storage device IDrive One and personal document manager Smart Docs) … Continued

5 Best Amazon S3 User Interface Tools

As major Storage as a Service provider Amazon S3 grows in popularity with personal and SMB users alike, so too do its corresponding user interface tools. These services offer an alternative base from which to manage files backed up on S3 servers – allowing users to make the most of low storage costs at the same … Continued

USB Disk Security Guide

There are three main things to take into consideration when it comes to USB disk security: adding secure authentication, protecting your data from any unwelcome, prying eyes, and ensuring that your files stay virus-free. Fortunately, you can solve all of those problems using three simple solutions – password protection, encryption, and antivirus software. So here’s … Continued

AWS, Azure and Beyond – a Basic Guide to Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service (also known as Public Cloud Storage) is an essential part of current business and enterprise-level data storage. Designed with developers and application hosting in mind, its appeal has grown over time, with providers now catering not just to developers, but also to businesses and individual users, and providing the infrastructure required … Continued

5 Best Small Business Backup Solutions, 2016

If you’re running a small business, losing data can be catastrophic. In fact, studies have shown that ‘60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster‘. That’s a pretty serious statistic, but it makes a lot of sense – after all, even if you could recreate years or … Continued

5 Best Cloud Storage Reseller Programs (2016 Ultimate List)

Becoming a Cloud storage reseller can be a very good way of boosting your monthly earnings, as well as of offering a complete, managed online backup solution to your clients. While there are a broad range of cloud storage reseller programs out there, not all of them offer a high-quality product, good commission, and adequate … Continued

5 Best Travel Photo Backup Providers

Whether you’re spending a weekend away in the countryside, attending a tropical destination wedding, doing a postgraduate tour of Europe, or taking a year off to travel the world, one thing is for certain: You’re going to be taking a lot of photos. Each snap you take will immortalize those special, once-in-a-lifetime moments, and will … Continued

BackBlaze Partners With CloudBerry – Enticing SMBs To The Cloud

In a well-reasoned and street savvy move, one of our most recommended Storage Providers, Backblaze, recently announced plans to move their new customers and SMB in general in a targeted approach away from tape-based storage, and into the futuristic, ubiquitous, and slightly hallowed cloud storage arena. The move is aimed at attracting SMBs away from … Continued

MyOtherDrive Review

UPDATE: MyOtherDrive appears to no longer be in operation. The company no longer sends out confirmation codes for new accounts, responds to customer queries, or sends missing passwords. Complaints have also been lodged saying that the data of pre-existing customers is no longer accessible. For those looking for a service similar to MyOtherDrive, we recommend … Continued

5 Best Data Backup Services for Researchers

Whether it’s throughout their careers or a single project, one thing’s clear: Academic researchers accumulate a metric ton of data. Each spreadsheet, Word document and image file is invaluable and represents plenty of hard work as well as limited funding, which means that you’ll want and need to keep it as safe and secure as … Continued

The 5 Best Online Backup Services to Buy in 2016

If you’ve got files that you want to keep safe online but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! With dozens of providers reviewed and four years spent researching and writing about backup services, we’ve now taken a look at all of the major players offering backup solutions this year, weighed … Continued

Expert photo backup techniques – store your pictures like a pro!

External hard drives and NAS devices, Cloud storage, online portfolios, and offsite backup… the list of photo backup solutions is long and confusing. But which perform best in the real world? We asked some experienced photographers to tell us about their expert photo backup techniques to find out. Backup Techniques  The Winner! External DrivesThe overwhelming … Continued