CloudBerry Backup Review 2016

CloudBerry Backup is a useful user interface tool, designed to help users of services such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure maintain and organize their files online. With some excellent customization options and easy to use software, it’s a great solution for both individuals and businesses looking for a quick and easy way to manage … Continued

5 Best Cloud Storage Manager Services 2016

If you’re in the habit of backing up or sharing your data, chances are that you’re using more than one provider. And if you’re using multiple providers, chances are that a Cloud storage manager might come in handy too, to help you keep everything in check. If you’re keeping files safe in Backblaze whilst sharing … Continued

JustCloud Review

JustCloud boasts a wide range of features—though they come at hidden costs. That said, if you don’t mind coughing up the cash, we think you’ll find yourself more than satisfied with what the cloud backup service has to offer. You can read our detailed JustCloud review below or sign up now. PROS Wide range of … Continued

iCloud Review 2016

iCloud is Apple’s answer to online storage. It’s built into every device from iPods to iPads, is easy to setup and use, offers reasonably priced plans, and allows seamless syncing between anything that’s Mac-made. While iCloud isn’t perfect, it’s close to it, making it the Cloud provider of choice for any Apple aficionado. You can … Continued

5 Best Bitcasa Alternatives

In April 2016 Bitcasa announced the discontinuation of its cloud storage service in order to focus on its business products, leaving its large user base scrambling for Bitcasa alternatives. If you’re one of the unfortunate longtime customers now stuck with armfuls of vulnerable personal data and no idea where to even begin to look for … Continued

IDrive One and the future of Cloud storage

Just a few months after unveiling their low-cost archiving solution Nearline, IDrive have taken a few steps further towards the future of Cloud storage by announcing the release of new wireless storage device, IDrive One. It’s hardly surprising to see this new endeavor coming courtesy of IDrive, who’ve never been strangers to pushing the boat out … Continued

5 Best Backup Services for Writers

Literary writers have a long history of being technophobic, with many believing that internet-era inventions such as e-books and social media are leading society to its slow and inevitable demise. (They may be right.) That said, while there are undoubtedly still writers out there who continue to stick stubbornly to tradition and make use of … Continued

5 Best iPhone Backup Services for 2016

As more and more of us realise just how important it is to backup files from our computers, Macs, and tablets, the next logical step is to start thinking about keeping our phone data safe too. So if you’re one of the 40% of smartphone users that’s opted for Apple, it’s time to start looking … Continued

NAS Comparison

NAS at a glanceThinking about investing in network attached storage to protect your files, but not sure where to begin? With dozens of commercial NAS devices on the market and multiple different ways to make your own, getting started can be a challenge. But never fear! We’ve picked out all of the most important points … Continued

Acronis Review

Acronis True Image Cloud offers a comprehensive range of features including both online and local backups, unlimited storage space, file sharing and end-to-end encryption. A few usability issues hardly detract from its appeal and professional finish, making it a strong contender in the online backup market. You can read a detailed review below or sign up … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Backup

It’s every mobile phone owner’s biggest fear: Dropping your beloved Samsung Galaxy or iPhone into something terrifying like the toilet, your neighbor’s pool, or your morning coffee.Unless you magically manage to revive your phone with plenty of prayers and a large bag of rice, you’re going to be out an expensive piece of technology.You know … Continued

How to Backup and Restore Android

Android is the most popular operating system used on cellphones today, with 52% of users worldwide relying on Google’s trademark mobile OS.Given that an estimated 2 billion people are using smartphones in 2016, that’s a whole lot of Android handsets.And given that 25% of people have never backed up any of their hardware, that’s a … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Data Archiving

First thing’s first: Like everything else in the universe, your data is going to die eventually.Surprised? I don’t blame you. In this digital day and age—in which the internet never forgets, and technology is advancing at an uncomfortably fast rate—it’s easy to forget that nothing actually lasts forever.Personal photos, music playlists, medical documents, school records… … Continued

5 Best Android Backups

If, like 52% of the smartphone-owning population, you’re an Android user, you might want to think about setting up Android backups as well as storing the data on your PC. Why? Because today, our phones aren’t just for calling – they’re also where we keep our photos and videos, our messages, notes and other records of … Continued

Commercial NAS devices

Setting up a commercial NAS storage device isn’t hard, although it can be a little time consuming. Most major manufacturers will send the device over with a handy setup guide, and there are plenty of resources on both company websites and tech forums that can help you out if you get stuck.  Also bear in … Continued