5 Best Backup Services for Students

Whether you’re at college or grad school, papers and projects are likely to be an integral part of what you do – not to mention keeping notes, making presentations and staying in touch with your tutors and classmates. With so much vital information stored on your PC or Mac, it’s hard to even think about … Continued

5 Best Backups for File Sharing

Do you want to share photos, videos or documents with friends or colleagues, but can’t find a quick and easy way to do it? Or perhaps you’re sick of carrying around your laptop or a USB drive just to get easy access to your files? If that sounds like you, then a Cloud Storage service … Continued

5 Awesome Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox is one of the most popular Cloud storage services around today, and for good reason. With impressive ease of access, quick file sharing and an interface that can be mastered in minutes, there’s a lot to recommend it; but it does have its detractors too. If you’d like better security, more free space or … Continued

5 Best Stress-Free Backups

Everyone knows that losing your data can be very stressful – so why make keeping it safe difficult too? Whether you’re confused by software, drowning in jargon or overwhelmed with setup options, there are plenty of reasons for backup providers to have you tearing your hair out – which is why we’ve dug deep to … Continued

5 Best Unlimited Backups

If you’ve got large numbers of files and don’t want to worry about running out of space to backup, then an unlimited storage plan is an excellent choice. Typically offered by traditional online backup providers, these plans tend to have low-end prices, but still come with plenty of features. If you just want to store … Continued

How to Backup Outlook: Essential Steps You May Not Know

Do you know how to backup Outlook? If you use Microsoft Outlook for your email, or for its calendar and contact functionality, you must read on and make sure you do! If you’ve put an online backup system in place (check out our recommendations for Mac or for Windows if not), you may think your … Continued

Big news for Carbonite users, as Sync and Share shuts down

It’s all change at online backup giant Carbonite, who announced on Friday that they are scrapping their Sync and Share app. The decision is part of an attempt to refocus on their core service of data protection; taking them out of competition with major file-sharing services such as Dropbox, and instead cornering the market for … Continued

5 most secure backup solutions

Here at BestBackups, we take your data security seriously. While backups are all about protecting you against losing your files to a hard drive crash or human error, we think it’s just as important to keep them safe from online threats, too. Whether you’re more worried about independent hackers or the NSA, it’s undeniable that … Continued

5 Best Cloud Storage Providers for Mac 2016

With more and more of our lives today taking place online, do you feel like sending all your files by email, or dragging photos to and from USBs is a little outdated? We certainly do, and the huge number of Cloud storage providers now on the market suggests that we’re not alone. If you want … Continued

Tresorit review

Marketing itself as a safer alternative to Dropbox, Tresorit is largely successful in offering both easy file sharing and top-level security features, although limited features do detract from its overall appeal. You can read a detailed review below or sign up now. Price Plans If you’re looking for free storage you can sign up to … Continued

MediaFire Review

MediaFire doesn’t break any new ground, but basic features such as file sharing, uploads and downloads work well, and there are no major issues to drag it down. A reasonable price tag makes it worth a look if you want a simple but effective Cloud storage solution. You can read a detailed review below or sign … Continued

5 Best Online Backups for Mac 2016

We all love technology, but everyone that’s ever owned a computer knows that it’s not without its risks and frustrations. For example, did you know that you’ve got a one in 20 chance of your hard drive failing in 2016? Worrying, right?! Admittedly Macs are well known for breaking down less often than Windows PCs, … Continued

LiveDrive review

Ambitious but ultimately confusing, LiveDrive attempts to do a lot of different things, but ends up as its own worst enemy, with good features spread across an over-complicated array of different plans. You can read a detailed review below or sign up now. Price Plans There are three subscriptions available for LiveDrive users – Backup, … Continued

Computer Backups: Some Scary Statistics!

Let’s face it – computer backups are not particularly exciting. Everyone knows deep down that they’re important – after all, nobody wants to lose their business files, their precious family photos, or their personal documents. But a sense of complacency can mean that taking care of backups is a job that often ends up far … Continued

5 Best Cloud Storage Providers for Windows 2016

Are you fed up of having to struggle with email attachments or USB drives every time you want to share files with friends or colleagues? Do you want to access your documents from a work computer as well as a personal laptop, or on your phone or tablet while you’re on the go? If you … Continued