5 Best Linux Backup Services 2016

Are you a Linux user struggling to find a reliable backup service to protect your computer’s data? Never fear – we’ve got a solution (or five) for you. Whether you’re using Linux for work, for speed and flexibility, or because you’re fed up of Mac and Windows OS, it’s still important to keep your data … Continued

SpiderOak Review, 2016

Maintaining its reputation as one of the best backup providers around, SpiderOak now boasts not just exceptional security features, but also user-friendly software and innovative new companion programs Semaphor and Encryptr. It may come with a top-end price tag, but so far as we’re concerned, it’s well worth the money. You can read our detailed SpiderOak … Continued

Has your account been compromised by the Carbonite hack?

Thousands of users have been affected by a Carbonite hack this week, with the company responding by implementing a preventative system-wide password reset for all subscribers. Carbonite announced the threat on 22nd June, informing users that hackers had obtained username/password combinations from previously hacked sites, and had been using them in attempts to gain access … Continued

5 Best Backups for Online Data Archiving, 2016

Online data archiving is just one way to backup your files, but if you want to store your data long-term or free up space on your computer, then it’s hard to beat. Data archiving has traditionally been done offline, using methods like tape storage and external hard drives to keep a static copy of important … Continued

5 Best Providers for Windows Phone Backup

Due to the domination of iPhone and Android in the smartphone market, Windows Phone users may frequently feel like they’re being left in the dust when it comes to things such as Apps and backup options. But fear not! Even if the number of Cloud providers that support and have mobile OS for Windows Phone … Continued

Apple Releases Exclusive Personal Cloud Storage Device

Photo credit: Tung Cheung / Shutterstock.com New Apple product alert! As of 7 June 2016, the San Francisco-based technology giant is officially the exclusive retailer of a new personal Cloud storage device. The shiny new Mac accessory is dubbed the PROMISE 4 TB Apollo Personal Cloud Storage and retails at $299.00. As the name implies, … Continued

OneDrive Review – 2016

Offering an excellent deal to Microsoft users, OneDrive is about as convenient as it gets thanks to integration into Windows laptops and Office 365. A few limitations on extra features and security may hold some people back, but it’s an unbeatably simple and stress-free way for Windows users to keep files secure. You can read our … Continued

iPhone Sync Apps Definitive Guide

iPhone sync apps—both built-in and downloadable—are one of the biggest perks of owning the prestigious piece of Apple hardware. They make organizing your data a breeze, and syncing it across your devices even easier. While seasoned Apple users know how to sync iPhone like the back of their hand, newcomers to the company’s software may … Continued

Not backing up photos? What’s the worst that could happen?

We’ve all been there – taken priceless, precious photos of our friends and family, of holidays, at weddings and parties… only to never see them again. So many of us suffer from not backing up photos as we mislay our cameras, drop our phones, have our bags stolen, or, in the case of redditor /u/retinareflex, … Continued

SpaceBelt hints at an astronomical future for data storage

Everyone’s heard of storing data offline and in the Cloud… but what about keeping it in space? No, that’s not the plot of an exciting new sci-fi film, it’s SpaceBelt – the new data storage solution proposed by startup company Cloud Constellation. By transferring data using satellites rather than cables and wires, SpaceBelt is designed to … Continued

ADrive Review 2016 Update

ADrive is an online storage provider that’s both easy to use and easy on the wallet. That said, a budget backup doesn’t come without its drawbacks, but some users may find them tolerable in the name of saving a few dollars a month. Find out more about ADrive by reading our detailed review below, or … Continued

5 Best Backups for Freelancers

Why do we need a list of backups for freelancers? It might seem like a bit of a niche topic, but we know from experience that if you’re working solo, keeping your data secure is a huge part of building and maintaining a professional reputation. That’s because, if it all goes wrong and your data … Continued

Zoolz Review 2016

Offering versatile file storage including archiving, local backups, and Cloud storage for a minimal monthly fee, Zoolz is well worth a look – though transfer speeds may hold up users planning to upload large numbers of files. You can read our detailed Zoolz review below or sign up now. PROS Low price of smaller plans … Continued

How to secure dropbox with strong encryption

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage options available, although the company has found itself in the spotlight recently, with Edward Snowden urging people to stop using the service for its lack of security. It is possible to encrypt Dropbox using third party tools, which will be the focus of this guide. Encryption … Continued

5 Best Services for FTP Backup

FTP backup is somewhat of a unicorn in the world of Cloud storage. With more and more contemporary remote file access and transfer services being introduced—such as browser-based interfaces and propriety client software—it’s becoming that much more outdated and less likely to be offered as a Cloud provider feature. That said, one should not forego … Continued