Easy to use website, easy to use software with the features that you need, and a reasonably price for both limited and unlimited services. MyPCBackup is the best backup service and is therefore highly recommended. Read on for more details, or you can sign up now.

MyPCBackup was founded in 2010, and have since grown into a large backup provider. In short, they offer automated backups from mostly all devices, and have a free account to get you started. This only lasts 14 days though, after which you need to decide whether to pay for the service.

They have their own software which you need to install, but it will take care of all the backups that you tell it to. They offer anything from 75GB to Unlimited plans.

One thing you need to be aware of, a lot of features on MyPCBackup cost an extra fee. In other words they do a lot of “upselling”. However, since their basic price is very low, and the software is very good, even with these occasional fees you will get a good deal compared to other services.

Video Review

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Pricing Pricing Plans

We looked at their pricing plans, and it gets cheaper if you pay for a full year. That’s why there’s a difference shown below in the prices:

Home – From $4.49 to $6.95 per month

Premium – From $4.95 to $7.95 per month

Unlimited – From $6.95 to $9.95 per month

Features Features

• 100% Automated Backups 
You don’t need to constantly remind yourself to do the backups, this is done automatically, which is one of the main features of this kind of service. You do need to install their software for this to happen though.
• Unlimited Storage 
If you pay for it, unlimited storage is available, which means you can store all your thousands of holiday photos, music, etc online.
• Data Security & Privacy
Very good bank grade security, your files are extremely unlikely to be compromised, whether its during uploads or on their servers.
• No File Type Restrictions
There are some online backup sites which only accept documents or pictures for storage. With MyPCBackup, you can backup almost any type of file including the not-so-common executable files and graphics.
• Easy File Restoration
More importantly, MyPCBackup has an easy file restoration system which allows used to restore files from the Control Panel or desktop with just a few clicks.

Security Security

MyPcBackup uses bank grade encryption technology. All data is transferred using a 256 bit AES encryption and is stored on the most heavily monitored server center in the world; the Amazon s3 data center. Amazon is used by some of the biggest websites in the world, so your data is in one of the safest places in the world.

Customer Service Customer Service

As soon as I signed up, I got an email from one of the support staff who is my “account manager”. I’m pretty sure this was an automated email, so I replied to it. This then opened a support ticket in a support system, so I didn’t actually get an email from my account manager. But, to their credit the message was replied to within 40 minutes. Good stuff! The company claims to answer 95% of queries within 2 hours.

As for the tutorials and explanations, there are detailed texts about almost every questions you might have about the service.

The process

After signing up on the front page, you will automatically be taken to a download page. The download of their software will automatically start, and you need to install the software. Take a look at the page:

After installation, you will unfortunately need to log into the software. I find this a bit annoying as theoretically they could identify you already, but it doesn’t take long anyway.

Then you will see a prompt that asks you which files you want to backup. Music and document folders are already selected, which is pretty convenient. Here’s the software as I’m uploading some of my files:

Despite their being a 14 day “trial” you will actually be prompted to purchase a paid version right after your backups finish. You can see the options on the following screenshot, as you can see there are 3 types.

And here’s the price for all three types. It changes the currency depending on your location.




As you can see, if you pay monthly it is more expensive, which is usual for almost everything you buy. Since backing up will probably last for years, we recommend the yearly plan as it works out cheaper overall, and it’s not that expensive. 75GB is not usually enough for most people, so the 250GB option is recommended.

Online Control Panel

The online panel is pretty self explanatory, it details how many files are stored, how much space you have left, you can also see the devices that have the software enabled. Looks pretty clear and user friendly.

The Application

This is what the application looks like, we will now go through the features of MyPCBackup.

Restore Page

Here’s a screenshot of where you can restore your data.

Additional options

Drag and drop

This option makes it quite easy to back up files that aren’t in your marked folders. You can just drag files into the application, and it is stored online.


You can schedule when exactly you want to do the backups.

Bandwidth Limits

In case your ISP has bandwidth limits, you probably don’t want daily uploads of 10 GB or more. In this case you can specify that the app only upload a certain amount of files.

Power and CPU Options

In case you don’t have such a powerful PC, you don’t want the backups slowing down your PC even more. In this case you can set it up so that it only backs up when the PC is idle.

More Options

There are also security options, you can switch between HTTP and HTTPs for uploads. You can also restrict which file types are uploaded.

Once you’ve been using MyPCBackup for a while, they will prompt you to upgrade your account to a quicker account. There are also some other features that they will ask you whether you want to buy. It is up to you whether you decide to buy these, they are worth the price. As we said before, due to their good starting price, with unlimited storage, MyPCBackup still offers a good deal even with these upgrades.

Conclusion Conclusion

MyPCBackup is great for people who aren’t computer geniuses. The application is easy to install, and easy to use. It has enough features that you can customise the experience as much as you want. The price is reasonable, and you can select a price that suits you depending on how much data you want to store.

Customer service is great, I was really impressed that they replied within 40 minutes of my query. If anything goes wrong with the service, I assume they would help with similar speed.

The speed of uploads and availability were great, so no problems there.

Published 2012-09-02
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

3 responses to “MyPCBackup Review

    Just as other posters detailing issues, I have a lot of data so I purchased several of their upgrades including unlimited data. Well, it is all just ILLEGAL Bait and Switch tactics. Once you are on the hook and committed, they will “Flag” your account and tell you that you must upgrade to a business account to continue. Its no use trying to explain your situation or explain unlimited to them because….”Once your account is flagged, it is out of their control”. – COMPLETE BS and a poor business practice. Even though what they do is a crime in the US there is not much you can do to them in Europe, but I’m still looking into contacting INTERPOL. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!! Shop somewhere else, back up to big external drives, do anything you need but don’t waste your money with MyPCbackup.

    MyPCBackup were pretty easy to set up, and I got my stuff backed up in a day. They did bombard me with emails about special offers, which was a bit annoying.

    Their price is pretty good, although I’ve found cheaper for unlimited storage. All round though the software just sits in my tray and does what its told.

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