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Backblaze aims to provide innovative, affordable and secure data backup solutions to normal home-users as well as to business users in the marketplace. The company believes in providing the best, reliable, secure, and easy to use services to its customers; it has been successful because of visionary management and hardworking technical teams. It offers unlimited data backup services at very low prices starting from just $3.96 per month.


BackBlaze was established about five years ago in San Mateo, California, and the company is one of the most economical and highly professional service-provider companies in the domain of cloud-storage and data-backup services. It offers unlimited backup plans with very low prices, registration is simple, and the service is easy to use. The company takes measures necessary for a reliable and competitive cloud-storage business, such as mission-critical security, professional customer support, simple procedures, and many others. It also tries to provide innovative services at competitive rates.

BackBlaze owns a state of the art data center that uses the latest, most efficient servers from the best IT vendors available on the market. The data center is managed according to the recognized industry rules for data warehousing, security and other management tools. It provides perfect data solutions for both residential and industry users because it provides an unlimited volume of data from one designated machine.

The company also possesses a visionary management team and highly experienced technical staff to provide the highest quality data services.

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Plans & Pricing

Backblaze price plans are affordable and easy to understand. Plans begin as low as $3.96 per month for a 2 year advance-payment plan, thus saving about $25 of monthly fees. Offers are given below.

$3.96 Per Month: For two year advance contract at just $95

$4.17 Per Month: For one year advance contract at just $50

$5.00 Per Month: For monthly subscription only

All plans are available with unlimited data storage



BackBlaze offers great customer features, making it one the best services on the market. One of its best features is its simplicity. Most anyone with a little knowledge of computers and data-storage use can sign up easily and use the service. Here are some other features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space for backup
  • Automatic location of your designated computer.
  • Automatic, continuous and instant backup of your computer
  • Mission-critical security level of data both in transition and at rest .
  • Auto tracking of changes in files
  • External-drive support
  • Multiple forms of data restoration
  • Free data restoration via the web
  • Restoration to USB, flash drive or hard drive couriered to you (Charges apply)
  • Available in more than 11 languages
  • Supports MAC OS X and Windows operating systems
  • Mirrors your entire computer data on the cloud server automatically without the need to manually backup files.



Security plays a vital role in data backup and cloud storage services. Business has become increasingly knowledge-based and data is the key. Breaches in data security can be costly and devastating to a business, and BackBlaze takes special care of security and the integrity of customers’ data stored on its cloud servers.

It provides a multi-layered security mechanism that encrypts data with security-keying before transporting it across secure SSL connections to the data warehouse/farm or to the cloud server. Data remains encrypted in the cloud, and you can also add additional security by creating your own security key. However, BackBlaze stores no knowledge of customer keys, and thus a lost key is one of the risks of using that option.

Data is downloaded to source machines in zipped form on a secure line, and physical BackBlaze servers are protected by surveillance and security-alarm systems.


Customer Service

Backblaze offers modern trouble-ticket registering with a tracking system for accurate, transparent customer support. A sample trouble ticket is provided here.

Once the ticket is registered, you can track the status of your ticket on the same page by clicking on Check Your Existing Requests. You can also update priority through follow-up emails.

The processing of my request took just under three hours, which is an acceptable turnaround time for technical support. I received support details as shown in the following figure and the request was closed once I confirmed that the issue had been resolved.



 The process (Sign-up & Install)

Sign up and client software installation are painless due to simple forms and available on-screen help. Here is the step by step registration and service-use process


  • Go to and input an email address and password

  • When you click Download Free Trial a small client sofware file will begin to download
  • You can also click the Buy Now tab at the top of the BackBlaze home page and set up a paid account, which will take you to the following page

  • Click Create Account and choose your options

Client Sofware Installation
  • Next you need to install the downloaded software file by opening the file from your download location
  • Click ‘Run to install’ and once the program is installed, your existing machine will synchronize with BackBlaze databases
  • Your data will automatically begin backing up, as shown in the following figure.

Features and Settings

  • Click Settings from the BackBlaze control panel, as shown above
  • From the main Settings tab you can set temporary drives, backup-failure notifications, and choose the drives you would like backed up

  • The Performance tab allows throttle settings, backing up while computer runs on battery power, and recent performance statistics

  • Scheduling allows you to set backup time and parameters

  • Customize folder backup options through the Exclusions tab.

  • You can add a private encryption key through the Security tab and then clicking Enter Your Private Encryption Key
  • Once you enter the private encryption key into the field, your data is encrypted according to your private key which you will be prompted for while restoring data. Always remember your private key because Backblaze will not be able to help you in case of a lost-key

  • Backblaze client software regularly tracks for any changes to and records files in a schedule list to be backed up at the determined time, as shown in the following figure.
  • The Files Scheduled for Backup tab also shows the modification status of files

  • Click the Reports tab for a complete report of backup activity. Files that have been identified for backup are seen here

  • Track account events for the past 25 days in the Event Log

File Restoration/Download

  • There are three different ways to restore your backed-up data from BackBlaze as illustrated below
  • Web download is free, while charges apply for USB flash drives and USB drives

  • Sign into your account through the BackBlaze Restore Options page as depicted above
  • Go to the View/Restore files tab located on the left of the account page and select your preferred restore method

Account Settings

  • You can also make changes in your account settings by clicking the Account tab
  • Get an account overview from the Overview tab

  • My Restores is used to track and monitor date, time, data and status of your restore requests.

  • Backblaze offers an amazing feature that tracks your computer if it is lost
  • This options gives you complete details of the position, ISP, IP address and other information of your lost computer



Backblaze is a dynamic, innovative data-backup service with a well-established customer support and perfectly devised solutions for both home and small business use. The price plans are simple, affordable and straightforward. The service-use procedure is simple and systematically defined, and a reasonable amount of help material is available both on the website and through technical support teams.

One thing that I felt to be a bit confusing was having to search for the account login interface for existing customers. Front- page log-in is dedicated to new customers requiring a client software download, while existing users are required to click on ‘Sign in to Restore’ in order to find the login screen. Other than that confusion, BackBlaze is an excellent backup storage service.

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  1. BenKent says:
    Price 55555
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    Storage Space 55555
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    Best price I’ve found online, and the service is good. Really enjoyed their recent article about hard disk farming!

  2. Tiago says:
    Price 55555
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    Reliability 44444
    Storage Space 55555
    Speed 55555
    Customer Service 55555

    I’m loving use BackBlaze and recommend it to everyone. I’m very demanding and after much searching I picked the BackBlaze.

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