MyOtherDrive’s cloud storage, backup and file sharing service has been around for about seven years and provides customers a user-friendly, hassle-free service. They offer attractive and versatile plans for both home and business use. They place security of data and customer service at the top of their priority list, and data is backed up at multiple server locations, thus providing a good amount of file redundancy. Their basic plan is offered for free, and plans beyond that are priced according to usage. OpenDrive is backed by a highly technical team of industry experts constantly tweeking and improving the company’s haps, ensuring the latest and greatest service and technology. They’re backed by a wealthy group of investors, which allows state of the art performance and service to customers.

OpenDrive currently possesses thousands of avid subscribers who rely on the company’s security of its data. Its award-winning service has earned it accolades in The Best Web Tools of Data backup by in recognition of its superior data backup storage. They offer attractive solutions for both public and private data sharing with sophisticated privelege controls.

Registration and service use are a cinch. They possess a dynamic team that provides great service to their customers.  OpenDrive has attractive service packages and pricing schemes available through both monthly and yearly plans. They also offer top-rate customer support.


Plans & Pricing

Pricing and service plans developed by MyOtherDrive are attractive and useful for almost anyone seeking a quality online data sharing plan. There are three major plans available. Free obviously doesn’t cost anything. Pro starts at $5 a month and contains 4 sequential plans according to individual need, and Enterprise starts at $240 a year with three more plans available.

Free Plan @ No Charges: 2GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, and Service with Ads

Five Sub Pans of Pro Category:

100GB (Month Basis) @ $5.00/Month: 100GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

100GB (Year Basis) @ $55.00/Year: 100GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

500GB (Month Basis) @ $10.00/Month: 500GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

500GB (Year Basis) @ $110.00/Year: 500GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

1000GB (Month Basis) @ $20.00/Month: 1000GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

Four Sub Plans of Enterprise Category:

1TB (Year Basis) @ $240.00/Year: 1TB Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

2TB (Year Basis) @ $480.00/Year: 2TB Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

5TB (Year Basis) @ $1,200.00/Year: 5TB Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads

10TB (Year Basis) @ $2,400.00/Year: 10TB Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unattended Backup, File Linking, and Service without Ads


OpenDrive Features

  • Simple Registration
  • Simple service-usage interface
  • Free standard account
  • Multiple computers can be backed up on a single account
  • Real-time Java-based software means no client software to download and install
  • Unattended Backup capability through real time application
  • Controlled collaboration of public vesus private files
  • Online Album and music files to share and work with
  • Simple file sharing through social media sites
  • Caption option to help describe contents of files
  • Inter-account data exchange options
  • Inter-folder data exchange options
  • Grab a file feature enabled from any location on internet
  • Support for data import from other backup services
  • Drag and drop options for upload
  • Advertising options available for companies that want to introduce their products to the customers of MyOtherDrive
  • Instant email report for any upload or backup activity
  • Attractive affiliate program for marketers
  • Industry grade security
  • Secure links
  • File linking
  • Good customer support
  • How-to documents available for customers to read
  • FAQs, training videos & Quickstart guide available for instant help



OpenDrive offers industry grade security, which means the physical data facilities are safe from break-in, thanks to security systems, and their ‘logical’ security (antivirus, antihack, etc.) is top of the line. Key features of security measures and policies of MyOtherDrive are given below.

  • State of the art data centers with industry grade physical security measures
  • Redundant servers in terms of locations and configurations
  • Surveillance and monitoring systems for physical access to the infrastructure and resources
  • Redundant power and air conditioning systems to keep the network up and connected all the time
  • Best encryption policy and protocol to keep the data secure from malicious use
  • Uses 128 bits AES encryption
  • Secure access through HTTPs on SSL connections
  • RAID 6 configuration to secure data from any damage or loss
  • Best anti-virus software and anti-malware software are used
  • Folder level encryption option available for a customer to make it more secure
  • Secure links options for customers
  • Password-based and private folder options to hide data from public access


Customer Service

MyOtherDrive provides quality customer support through a variety of customer options.

  • 24/7 email support
  • A complete set of procedural documents are available on the website
  • How-to tutorial are available for step by step help
  • A long list of FAQs is available for immediate support about your standard queries
  • Quick Start Guide is available for novice and newbie users

The response time for customer queries of MyOtherDrive is reasonable and addressed in accordance with predefined TAT and service level agreements.


 The process (Sign-up & Install) makes use of a real-time application from Java to run its software. Which means that there is no need to download third-party software to run the system, thus simplifying the whole operation. MyOtherDrive also makes signup and registration simple and painless. The following will walk you through registration and basic use of MyOtherDrive.


  • Login to
  • Fill in the Get started info and click Sign Up
  • Choose the appropriate account type and fill in your account details

  • Follow the instructions on the next page to begin activation of your account

  • Follow the ‘click here’ link to finish activation


  • Log in to your new account



  • The first page you’ll come to is your Home page, or account page, which is your jump-off point to everything else.


  •  Your Profile tab is shown here, with a brief account overview of status, recent activity, etc.

  • To start managing files, go to the Files tab and you’ll be presented with media and not so media files under three major root folders: Documents, Music, and Pictures
  • To the right of those folders are tabs to Create new and More actions. Click More actions
  • Here you can see options to Download, Upload, Backup, Share Settings, and Grab File


  • To begin file management, click the Launch File Manager tab in the upper right of your home page, which will direct you to the following page

A plethora of toolbar options exist at the top of the page that we will discuss here


  • To find data you may have from other online data storage, use the Import tab
  • Verify your identity and click Start, which will start you through the process
  • To encrypt folders, go to the Encrypt tab on the toolbar and follow the instructions


  • To dowload data stored on MyOtherDrive to your computer, select Download from the toolbar and select a destination folder on your computer

  • Once your downloads have successfully made the trip, click Done at the bottom of the status window


  • To upload files from your computer to MyOtherDrive storage, click the Upload tab
  • Add Files you want to go there to the field in the following popup
  • Choose a destination folder on the other end (one of your root files in the cloud), and click Start

  • Once files have successfully uploaded, as shown below, click Done
  • To backup your computer’s data, click Backup from the tool bar
  • The first thing that will happen is a backup schedule will popup, like the one below in the grey field, to tell MyOtherDrive when to backup your system, and what files to backup
  • Once you’ve determined a schedule, click the Backup Maps link, and another popup will appear, like the one shown on the right of the page.

  • Choose destination folders by clicking Select Folders from the popup on the right
  • Click the Run Now link from the left popup to backup your data

Grab File

  • To import files from the internet, go to the Grab File tab, where you will first be asked to agree to the terms of use

  • Fill in the following ‘Grab file from a web address’ popup fields and MyOtherDrive should take care of the rest

Create New

  • To create a new file in MyOtherDrive, return to your account’s home-page File tab and click Create new
  • Name your new file and set its security, click Ok, and you’re done


  • You can create a list of your friends on the home page under the Friends tab


  • Fill in the fields under Add Friend, and add them
Share (Groups)

  • You can add groups and set privileges to the group by clicking the Share icon located on the tool bar
  • Click Add Group, name it, and click OK

  • You can set privileges like view, download, add, modify, and delete by checking the pertinent boxes as shown in the above figure
  • The following figure shows the privileges of -˜Friends-™ Group

  • Files can also be shared on social media sites through the Files tab, as shown below


MyOtherDrive offers featured services for home and business needs. Their data pricing is reasonable and flexible, with a great customer support network and ample data security. MyOtherDrive storage and backup is higly recommended.

Published 2012-10-30
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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