5 Best Online Backups For Multiple Computers

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” – Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

Watson was the chairman and CEO of IBM back in 1914 to 1956. Yes, the CEO of IBM thought that the world would only need 5 computers, top. At that point of time, 3 computers were being built in United States and a lot of scientists also thought that they are all America would need for all kind of calculations, and no one else will have need for computers or even can afford it.

Today, how many computers do you own or use? 2? 3? Most of us have or use 2 computers regularly: one at work and one at home. And many of us own 2 or more computers. The usual scenario is a desktop and a laptop. And if you are running a business, then you will have even more machines.

So what do you do about backups for them? We all know that backups are complete headaches and if not properly managed, you may end up not having the latest backups when disaster strikes, not to mention costs. We have local external backups, and throw in online cloud backups into the mix and you get even more costs and more things to look after.

So in order to save you from headaches and confusion, we have gathered 5 best online backup companies with support for multiple machines. Some will let you backup multiple machines since the starter plan, and some will require you to shell out a bit more cash to enjoy such features. Take a look right after the break.




Starting Price



5  $229/year  Read Review Visit Site
4  $9.60/mo Read Review Visit Site 
3 Free Read Review Visit Site 
2 $2/mo Read Review Visit Site
1  $12/mo Read Review Visit Site

5. Carbonite – From $229 Per Year

You might be wondering why a well-known service like Carbonite is ranked #5 here. First of all, we know it’s awesome and how solid it is. But then, when you have to shell out $229 to backup multiple machines (unlimited, to be exact) but only get 250GB of storage for that, it cannot rank any higher than that. Not especially when there are other providers with better pricing and offers. Carbonite will only give you multiple machines backup feature when you sign up for small business plans. You have a choice from $229 per year (250GB) or $599 per year (500GB). You can purchase additional storage if you would like to, at the cost of $46/year for 50GB pack and $89/year for 100GB pack. In fact, you can purchase as much additional storage packs as you want. If you are a home user and don’t want to shell out that much money to get small business plans, then you will want to look elsewhere. You can check out our review to get more information.

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4. Zipcloud – From $9.60 Per Month

Zipcloud is oozing simplicity and straightforward backup solutions. Again here, just like Carbonite you will need to sign up to business plans in order to enjoy multiple machines backup option. One caveat is that you can only backup up to 4 computers. The saving grace here though is that Zipcloud’s plans are not as pricey as Carbonite. You can get 100GB at $9.60 per month, 250GB at $16.80 per month, and 500GB at $24 per month, provided that you will sign up for one year payment plan. If you go with monthly payment billing cycle, then expect the price to be a bit higher. Zipcloud is, to be honest, one of the most straightforward and simple backup solutions we have ever reviewed. It is not for power users, sure. And it doesn’t have all the fine-tuning controls of more advanced services like CrashPlan or Carbonite. But it just works. So if you are a regular user who just want a peace of mind to know that your data are safe, then Zipcloud is definitely for you. Go ahead and read our review to know what it is all about.

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3. SpiderOak – From Free

SpiderOak is arguably the only service in this list that has both data syncing, file storage and cloud backup solutions all bundled into one neat package. Not only that, SpiderOak guarantees that nobody, even their employees or government law enforcement agencies, can view your data. Their security measurements and private encryption keys which only you have make sure of it. It offers 2GB storage for free, and you can purchase additional 100GB storage packs at $10 per month. It doesn’t limit how many computers you can backup from or sync. And the software works on all platforms – Mac, Linux and Windows. Only one thing we don’t like is that its web interface is pretty barebone (although they have a really amazing looking website). Another feature of SpiderOak is in its unique sharing. They have what they call ShareRoom, which is basically what an account owner can setup and put files he wants to share, and give ShareRoom link to others. ShareRooms can be password protected as well. Read our full review here.

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2. JungleDisk – From $2 Per Month

JungleDisk is unique in a way that it lets you choose your preferred storage provider – Amazon S3 or Rackspace, and only charge you for the storage space you use. Basically, JungleDisk is the software and network facility that helps you to backup your files to S3 or Rackspace, provide encryption and whatnot. The prices are really low, and you can get a plan from as low as $2 per month which comes with 5GB free storage and unlimited computers to backup. Then you will just have to pay $0.12 per GB at Amazon S3 and $0.125 per GB at Rackspace. JungleDisk’s basic plan “Simply Backup” is only scheduled backup and nothing else. Its next tier “Desktop Edition” includes a network drive and syncing so that you can easily use like Dropbox and also access your files from a mounted network drive. Its business plans also offer several business only features. Be careful if you choose Amazon S3 though, since data requests and transfers also have a price. Our review will tell you more details.

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1. CrashPlan – $12 Per Month

It is no secret that CrashPlan is our favourite among our colleagues and friends at BestBackups. It offers kick-ass fine-tuning features, and a lot of advanced controls. Its software runs on pretty much all platforms, and it offers unlimited backup for one PC at just $5 per month. But if you want to enjoy multiple machine backups, then you will have to get CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited which will cost you $12 per month and let you backup up to 10 computers and provide unlimited storage for all your files. What we love about CrashPlan? Read our full review here.

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Published 2012-11-20
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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  1. I agree with the other answerer. I wodlun’t do an exact copy of your old drive to the new one; now that you have the chance you might as well do a fresh install of Windows, in my opinion. There are programs out there that can do an exact copy for you, but as you’ve noticed, you need to pay for them.Just plug in the second drive and your PC will detect it. If it doesn’t show up, then check my source on how to format the drive in Windows to make it usable. Then you can drag and drop all the files you want to save onto the new drive

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