5 Best Online Backups With Versioning

Have you ever deleted a file by mistake? Or have you ever overwritten a document you are working on by mistake?

What do you do when that happens? You might say “retrieve from a backup”. Yeah, what if your backup software has already copied the new version (as all good, incremental online backup services would)? One word: you’re dead.

Okay, dead might be stretching it too far but we all know that feeling. Working on an important document, made a mistake and accidentally saved it, rendering it totally useless unless you revert back to an older version. Sometimes, we realize it only when it’s too late. After saving and few hours later, you will realize that you want an older version back. But where is that older version on your PC? Gone. Overwritten.

Fortunately, many online backup services file versioning feature which basically keeps previous versions of your files up to a certain period of time. There are some providers that provide unlimited versioning but most of them will only provide for a limited extent of time. In this article, we have round up 5 of them with longest versioning history. Check them out after the break.


Rank Provider Starting Price Review Link
1 $2.5/mo Read Review Visit Site
2 $79.95/year Read Review Visit Site
3 $59/year Read Review Visit Site
4 $4.95/mo Read Review Visit Site
5 $5.99/mo Read Review Visit Site

1. CrashPlan – From $2.5/Month

It is not a secret among us at BestBackups that CrashPlan is a favourite for some of us (read how much we rave and love CrashPlan at its review here), especially those that want advanced fine-tuning controls and a service that runs on all platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows. CrashPlan will cost you $2.5 per month if you just want 10GB of backup storage. But where CrashPlan shines is in its unlimited storage backup plans, which will set you back for about $5 a month for one computer. Like SOS Online Backup, CrashPlan will also retain previous versions of your files for unlimited period of time. And the software provides very advanced fine-tuning controls on many aspects, such as backup sets, schedules, bandwidth control, and even your file versions retention. Yes, you can control that too. Restoration options are also pretty good. You can also do local backups as well as remote backups to another machine you own or have permission to access. If you just want a local backup and remote offsite backup to your own machines, you can even get CrashPlan software for free. Now beat that, folks!

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2. SOS Online Backup – From $79.95/Year

Having won PCMag Editor’s Choice for four times, there is no doubt that SOS Online Backup is one of the best cloud-based backup services around. It offers a wide array of impressive features like Facebook backups (the only backup company to offer this, apart from Backupify) and ability to backup up to 5 computers straight out of the box. However, it is definitely not for those with large amount of data since 50GB plan will cost you $79.95 for 1 year and $155.95 for 3 years (50% saving). 100GB will set you back $99.95 for 1 year and $199.95 for 3 years. 150GB will cost $149.95 for 1 year and $249.95 for 3 years. Best thing with SOS Online Backup is that they offer “unlimited versioning”. Yes, you read that right. SOS will keep unlimited versions of your files and you can revert back to any versions you want. So if you have a lot of data to backup, then you will want to choose our #1 online backup service provider in this list. We still think what SOS offers is good value for money though, so don’t dismiss it completely. Only inconvenience we face is that SOS doesn’t have Linux support, unlike our #1 provider. Read our review about SOS here.

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3. Carbonite – From $59/Year

Carbonite is one of the industry leading cloud backup companies, and a direct competitor of Mozy. In fact, Carbonite may be the most well-advertised and well-known in the whole industry. It offers unlimited storage backup at just $59 per year, and you can backup one computer. If you pay $99 per year, you get a few more premium features like keeping a local copy of your backups and also the ability to backup your external hard drives. Carbonite offers 90 days file versioning and 30 days deleted file retention, which is a lot more than industry average. Usual standard would be 30 days file version, and perhaps 2 weeks deleted file retention. While Carbonite’s software work on both Mac and Windows, right now their advanced plans HomePlus ($99/year) and HomePremier ($149/year) plan will work only on Windows due to software limitation (for what reason we cannot fathom yet though). Starter plan Home ($59/year) will work on both Mac and Windows, but backup features are a tad basic. If you only have one computer to backup and mainly use Windows, then Carbonite will be a good option for you. We have comprehensive review about them published here.

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4. KeepIt – From $4.95/Month

KeepIt is really straightforward and simple cloud backup service which offers unlimited storage space at just $4.95 a month. Even for business plans, you can get unlimited backups at $14.95 per month. The rate per GB is low but you will have to subscribe for one year billing cycle. And KeepIt keeps your file versions up to 60 days, which is double of the industry average. They keep the software a bit too simple for our test. There is no scheduling nor bandwidth throttling features. However, for the price you pay, you get pretty good storage space and a very simple backup service that works on Mac, Windows and Linux. So no complaint there. But if you want advanced features at same price, read on. For KeepIt, we have done a review about them awhile ago here.

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5. Mozy – From $5.99/Month

Mozy is actually a great online backup company. Rock solid plans, customer support and backup software. But when it comes to versioning, they follow the industry standard 30-day version history. So you can retrieve older versions of your files up to past 30 days. Beyond that, you are out of luck. You can get 50GB at $5.99 per month, or 125GB at $9.99 per month. Additional storage is priced at $2 per every 20GB. If you don’t have too many files to backup, and unlikely to have to look for file versions beyond 30 days ago, then Mozy should be your choice. After all, it’s one of the industry leading backup service provider. Its software is simple but offer advanced features. We are not raving though, because there are much better alternatives out there. You can read our full review here for details.

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Published 2012-11-25
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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