5 Best Online Backups for OS X

Even at 13.6% global market share, Apple is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world right now. For a good reason too. Their products are totally solid, easy to use, amazingly beautiful and hey, they just work. If you are a Mac user, you will know what we mean.

Best Backup for OS XNow everywhere you go, you will probably meet at least one or two Mac users. More so than before. Mac used to be favourite platform for multimedia producers like designers and musicians, but now end-users are embracing the simplified beauty of Mac too. With such rising popularity with end-users, the need for backing them up has also significantly increased.

Apple introduced Time Machine with Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”, which is a dead simple and awesome backup for your Mac. Basically, Time Machine will backup your entire Mac to an external hard drive, all with encryption, incremental backup, versioning and awesome restoration features. However, there is still one caveat with that: Time Machine backups rely on physical hard drives.

Sure, they are really fast. But a lot of other things can render your backup hard drive useless. A power surge, thievery or natural disaster can kill your hard drive and… POOOF! All your backups gone in an instant. Lost forever.

This doesn’t mean you have to ditch Time Machine option. All you have to do is to add in another layer of protection. A remote offsite backup will suffice for that purpose. And hey, there are boatloads of cloud-based backup services you can use. And they are really affordable too. So why risk it?

Not all online backup services are built equally though. Some will have better features, some better pricing, and some have better platform support. So in order to save your time, we have gathered 5 best online backup services for OS X.

So, here’s the comprehensive guide to best backups for OSX, with a summary of the top services in this table just below:


Rank Provider Starting
Review Link


Special Offer:
Anytime moneyback
$4.95/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5.99/month Read Review Visit Site


$2/month Read Review Visit Site

Here’s a more detailed look at these providers:

Winner – ZipCloud

The motto is simplicity, and they are specialised for Mac. Offering unlimited space for $9.95 per month, $6.95 if you are willing to pay upfront. What’s not to like? Well, they don’t have phone support, only emails… I think we can live with that, since the service is good so you are unlikely to need to phone them.

Based in the UK, they back up to Amazon data centers which are probably the most secure and reliable due to their scale right now. Their sofware is easy to use and only 500Kb, which is much less than many other programs. Scheduling only allows a few options, but again I think that is not a problem for most people.

Oh, and one more thing, they have an anytime money back guarantee. Yes, you read that right, if at any time you are not satisfied, you can get a refund! There is literally no risk!

Go ahead and sign up now, they are our number one choice for OS X!

Visit ZipCloud »

2. CrashPlan – From $5 Per Month

This might be a rare occasion where CrashPlan won’t be #1 in our lists. But it doesn’t mean CrashPlan has fallen from its grace. Far from it. It is still one of the most solid and kick-ass online backup services in existence. One thing though. CrashPlan is more for advanced users so if you are used to simplicity of Backblaze and Time Machine, then CrashPlan might confuse you. But after you get past that stage, you will find that CrashPlan is amazingly advanced and flexible, and its features will just blow you away. You can have many backup sets with its own schedules, backup destinations and options. You can have full control over bandwidth and schedules, as well as how much CPU power and bandwidth it should use when you are not using your computer. And you have a client software that runs well on all major platforms. CrashPlan isn’t integrated into OS X like Backblaze though, since it’s written in Java. But if you are an advanced user and want an online backup service that lets you have full control over what your software does while enjoying unlimited storage option, CrashPlan is definitely for you. Oh hey, here is our review to learn how much we love CrashPlan.

Visit Crashplan

3. Backblaze – From $3.96/month

Here is the thing. Backblaze is built by ex-employees of Apple. So they really know how to build simple products that look great and just work without asking too many silly questions like “Please select your photo directory”. Backblaze has very simple offer and one promise – to offer unlimited storage backup at a price of your Starbucks coffee. There is only one pricing plan, which you will get discounts if you sign up for two years. The service will set you back for $5 per month if you subscribe to monthly billing cycle, but once you pay two-years upfront ($95), you are only paying $3.96 per month. Now that’s even lower than espresso from Starbucks. If you want more details, here is our review. If you can’t wait any longer, you will be pleased to know that Backblaze software is built using native Xcode and fully integrated into your OS X, and oh there is no limit on individual file size so iPhoto or Lightroom users will rejoice.

Visit BackBlaze

4. Mozy – From $5.99/month

Mozy used to bee our de facto #1 online backup company, until they dropped their unlimited storage space service. Right now, you will be capped at 50GB ($5.99 per month) or 125GB ($9.99 per month). Any additional storage will cost you $2 per month for 20GB. Sure, 50GB is a lot if you don’t have videos or large collection of music files to backup, or if you only use your computer for work and nothing else (even this is quite sketchy). But for those of you who are happy with the storage space Mozy is offering, we have to say that they also have really good customer support and solid service quality. The uplinks are fast, and Mozy software is pretty sophisticated but also easy to use. However, you can only backup one computer. Unlike its former direct competitor Carbonite, Mozy’s software runs fine on both OS X and Windows (Carbonite’s software won’t have advanced features on OS X). If you want syncing, Mozy offers Mozy Stash for its customers. And Mozy 2x Protect feature will let you do local backups too together with online backup but when you have Time Machine, you don’t need such thing. There are loads of restoration options too. You can do restoration directly from Mozy client software, or in your OS, web-based where you can download ZIP files of your backup, or even order DVDs with your data on it. Read our full review for details.

Visit Mozy

5. JungleDisk – From $2 Per Month


JungleDisk is different from most cloud backup service providers you will see in the market. For one, it lets you choose your preferred storage provider (Amazon S3 or Rackspace). Then it also lets you pay only for what you use. Nothing less, nothing more. They will charge you a $2 to $5 per month flat fee for using JungleDisk software, which comes with 5GB free storage at your chosen storage provider. To put it simply, JungleDisk is an amazing backup software and service that works as a medium to help you backup your files to Rackspace or S3, while providing all things you want to look for in a backup service provider. And no, it’s not just a software that connects to S3 or Rackspace servers. JungleDisk has their own network which all your data will pass through. Not only the software works so well on OS X, it also works equally well on Windows and Linux (which is a plus for multi-platform users like us). Oh and it lets you backup unlimited computers too. As long as you still have storage space, of course. At Rackspace, you will pay $0.125 per GB but there will be no transfer or data request fees. At Amazon S3, you are paying $0.12 per GB but there are additional fees for data transfer and request. So if you choose Amazon to store your data, you might have a headache on calculating your monthly cost. For that, we really recommend Rackspace. Basic plan from JungleDisk, Simply Backup, will only let you do scheduled backups and nothing extra. Desktop Edition plan will get you a syncing and network drive too. Here is our full review about JungleDisk.

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Published 2012-12-07
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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