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LiveDrive Pricing – What does it really cost?

In case you are wondering what LiveDrive’s pricing is like, we’ve summarised it here. They are a good company and their unlimited storage package is well priced in the market.

For Home

  • Backup – $7.95 per month. Unlimited Storage. One machine.
  • Briefcase – $15.95 per month. 2TB Storage for syncing (like Dropbox). No machine limit.
  • Pro Suite – $24.95 per month. Unlimited storage backup for up to 5 machines. 5TB Briefcase storage for syncing. FTP and WebDAV access.

For Enterprises & Business

LiveDrive offers two plans for enterprises. We feel that the storage provided with both plans aren-™t exactly superb, but they seem to provide extra features for business usage.

  • Express – $49.95 per month. 2TB cloud storage and up to 3 users.
  • Standard – $159.95 per month. 10TB storage and up to 10 users. You can add additional users at $14.95/month/user and additional storage at $7.95/month/1TB.

They also have a money back guarantee of 30 days, who if you don’t like the service you can get it back.

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