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5 Best Cloud Backups For Mac in 2013

If this happens to your Mac, make sure you have your data saved!


We found a crazy statistic, by Google. They ran a test on 100k hard drives and found that 6% will experience data loss in 1 year. To me, that sounds so much higher than I ever thought! Just thinking about it, my Mac has photos, game saves, my work, pretty much everything that’s important and electronic. If my hard disk fails, I lose everything. How about you?

Online backups have made this so much easier than before, there’s no need to plug in an external hard drive and copy everything over every day, all you do is install the software and it automatically backs everything up instantly. Even if you don’t have problems with data loss, it can be a huge help when you modify a file you shouldn’t have, and you can recover the old version in seconds

I’ve reviewed over 50 cloud backup services on this site, so I’ve got some experience in comparing them. So I decided to write an artile about the top 5 for mac. Take a look below!


Rank Provider Starting
Review Link


Special Offer:
Anytime moneyback
$4.95/mo Read Review Visit Site


LiveDrive $6/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5/mo Read Review Visit Site


$10/month Read Review Visit Site


5.99/mo Read Review Visit Site

Take a look below to see slightly more detailed views about each provider.

Winner – ZipCloud – From $4.95/mo

ZipCloud Logo

Positives: Simple, Great price, Reliable, Instant backups

Negatives: No power user features, Only email support

Zipcloud was built for Mac users. And I don’t just mean that it works on a Mac. It means that ZipCloud is the way Steve Jobs would build proper online backups. It’s simple, looks good, and works. Just take a look at their website.

ZipCloud offers 3 packages:

  • Basic, with only 75GB of space, from just $4.95 per month
  • Medium size, with 125GB of space
  • Unlimited space for unlimited machines, starting at only $6.95 per month.

ZipCloud uses Amazon servers, the most secure place for your files on the planet

Amazon S3

ZipCloud does not have every feature possible, but most are there. By this I mean that you can schedule your backups. But only daily, weekly and monthly, you can’t set your own exact times.

And just so you know, they actually back up your data to Amazon data centers. To put this in terms of quality, let’s just say your files are backed up to the Mercedes of data centers. Outsourcing their storage space means that they don’t have their own data center which might fail for some reason. Reddit, Netflix, and other big brands host with Amazon, if they trust their data with them, do you think can too?

What’s more, they will stand 100% behind they product, and offer an anytime moneyback guarantee. Whether its 2 weeks from now, or 2 years from now, you can claim a refund if you are unhappy.

Click below to sign up now!

Visit ZipCloud »

2. LiveDrive – $6 per month

LiveDrive Logo

Positives: Simple, Great price, Reliable, Instant backups

Negatives: Cheapest package limited to 1 machine

LiveDrive has come a long way as a company. They are based in the UK, and have released new versions of their website and software quite a few times. Finally 6 months ago, they dropped their prices. These improvements and price drops have now made them the 2nd best backup company for Mac out there. Their basic package is just $6 per month and that’s with unlimited storage.

Their more expensive packages support NAS drives, multiple devices, and have folder syncing. These are $12 and $19 per month, which is still a good price (and with unlimited space of course!)

Visit LiveDrive

3. Backblaze – $5 Per Month

Backblaze is a company based in San Francisco who also have a motto of simplicity, and their software certainly is simple. It doesn’t even really have an interface, just sits in the task tray. Their pricing is kept simple as well, unlimited storage for $5 per month. They do however have some restrictions on file types and file sizes, which is why they are number 3 in this list. Then again the $5 is even cheaper than a Starbucks coffee sometimes! Here is our review.

Visit Backblaze

4. Bitcasa – $10 Per Month


Bitcasa maybe a new kid on the block but it’s already making waves. Basically, it is not an online backup service. No, not even close. Instead, it is an “infinite storage” service, which essentially works as a mounted network drive for you. When Bitcasa is running, you can move any files on your computer onto Bitcasa. You don’t really have to move files to a central location like Dropbox, and can choose any folders to be part of Bitcasa network. It is a bit like syncing. You can choose to either have a local copy on your hard drive, or put them up entirely on Bitcasa network and only access them when you have Internet connection and Bitcasa is running. It just came out of beta a few weeks ago and we are totally loving it. Check out our review while they were still in beta.

Visit Bitcasa

5. CrashPlan – $5.99 Per Month

Although CrashPlan is now at #5 for this list, it is still among our favourites. The reason that we have to give it #5 is simply due to the fact that we recently learned that most Mac users want simpler solutions. CrashPlan is very powerful, and gives a lot of fine-tuning controls to users. You can control from scheduling, bandwidth control, to almost everything you can think of. With CrashPlan client software, you actually get a lot more than an online backup. The desktop client app will also let you backup to external storage devices like external hard drives or NAS, or to a remote computer (could be on same network or via Internet). And best of all is that for those functions, the desktop client app is FREE! What you have to pay is just $5.99 a month for unlimited cloud storage for one computer. If you sign up for two years, three years or four years, then you get further discounts. With that storage, you also get unlimited versioning too. Here is a review to prove how much we love CrashPlan.

Visit DollyDrive

Published 2013-03-11
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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