5 Online Backups for Time Machine

Gone are the days when people could say Macs are only for graphic designers and elitists who want to use expensive machines. In fact, Macs are becoming the most popular machines to use. Pretty awesome fact, actually. Why? Because we believe that Macs are the way computers should have been right from the start. Well thought out, solid built, and easy to use. What else can you ask for? They are also pretty reliable. At BestBackups, we have been using Macs consistently and never once they crash nor encounter any issues that make us sweat and curse a lot.

Sadly, it doesn’t mean all of your data on it are 100% safe and sound. Flash memory is awesome. It’s fast, and it’s more reliable than mechanical hard drives but it is still prone to human errors and unfortunately, occasional failures. They won’t fail as often as mechanical hard drives, but failure can still happen. Besides, not all Macs come with SSD drives. So if your Mac is using mechanical hard drives, then good luck with that.

We all know Apple gives us Time Machine, which brings sexy back in the backup. Oh wait, backup was never a sexy thing. So let’s just say Time Machine make backup sexy. However, is it perfect? Not really. If anything, it will be a glorified hard drive with network capability.

Time machine is not a perfect solution

Time Machine

What does that mean? It means you don’t have location redundancy, and things like a fire or power surge can wipe it out along with your Mac. Oh and if there is a theft? The sexy looking Time Capsule or any kind of external hard drives you use will be gone along with other valuable items. Plus, versioning available on Time Machine is quite limited. And you also have space limitation.

The best solution in this case would be to use both Time Machine and a third party backup system at a remote or offsite location. Sure, you can set one up yourself but that will be costly. So it’s best to take advantage of myriad offerings of online backup solutions.

Our team at BestBackups is very well-versed when it comes to online backup solutions. So we have compiled a list of kickass cloud backup solutions to use in conjunction with your Time Machine. Sign up to one, and they will upload your files to their servers, and voila, you now have all the redundancy, protection and safety for your data. Oh and don’t worry, prices are quite reasonable too.

So what’s the solution? The real solution is to have time machine, but also have a third backup in a remote or offsite location. Online backups are a growing industry with some very reliable services now. This is what the next paragraphs are about, the best online backup providers. Or cloud backup if you prefer that term. They upload your files to a server, and bam, you have all the redundancy and safety you need. And as you’ll see, started at some pretty reasonable prices. So, let’s take a look at the best online backup for time machine.

So let’s take a look at them, check them out after the break.



Rank Provider Starting
Review Link


$3.96/mo Read Review Visit Site


$7/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5.99/month Read Review Visit Site


ZipCloud $4.95/mo Read Review Visit Site


free for 5GB Read Review Visit Site

Take a look below to see slightly more detailed views about each provider.

Winner – Backblaze

Positives: Simple software, Unlimited backups, Good price

Negatives: File size limitations

We can’t rave enough about Backblaze. Built by ex-Apple employees, Backblaze is very elegant, polished and simple yet powerful. All the traits you would expect if Apple ever makes a cloud backup solution.

Sure, the desktop client app is very easy and simple to use, but it also offer advance features and unlike some companies, won’t skimp on them. It won’t satiate the uber power-users who would enjoy a solution like CrashPlan but in its own right, Backblaze is a perfect harmony of both features and simplicity.

Pricing is very simple too as you only have to pay just $5 a month or $3.96 a month if you prepay for 2 years in advance ($95). Either way, the pricing is a steal since it costs just one morning coffee and nothing more. Or even lower, maybe. At that price, you are getting unlimited cloud backup storage and blazing fast speed. Plus there is no individual file size limit so you can fully utilize the unlimited storage it offers. There is no bandwidth throttling either, unlike some. You can also easily backup external hard drives too. Here is our comprehensive review on Backblaze.

Visit BackBlaze

2. DollyDrive – From $3 Per Month (but only 50GB)

Dolly Drive

Positives: Polished, for Macs

Negatives: Bit more expensive

DollyDrive is second as although their teaser rate sounds awesome, $3 per month, it’s only for 50GB space, which is not enough for most people. The problem is that 50GB can only let you store for all your important documents, and perhaps your music collection if you are not storing just lossless FLAC, and maybe some photos. More than that, you are going to exceed 50GB. Plus, if you choose to pay monthly, then the price will be $5 instead. Not expensive but when you want more space, the price quickly increases. From our experience, most people backup over 250GB so you will be looking at around $10 ~ $15 a month. And the price will go higher as you need more space. It can become pretty daunting.

This is not quite as good as ZipCloud’s price for unlimited space, but apart from that DollyDrive is awesome! They are polished, have awesome features, and are built just for Macs and backing up Time Machine.

Visit DollyDrive

3. Mozy

Positives: Next day air restore, 3 months free if paid upfront

Negatives: Restore is difficult, Not unlimited space

Mozy charges $5.99/month for 50GB of storage per computer, or $9.99/month for 125GB per computer. For yearly or 2 yearly contracts there are some discounts. Initially, Mozy was a pioneer in providing unlimited cloud backup. But they changed their policy a couple years ago and since then, they only provide limited storage. But still, you are getting pretty kickass service.

Although there’s no unlimited space, Mozy has all the power user features you could want, and their next day air restore features leaves us drooling, and hopefully other firms will copy this feature! Unfortunately, the space you get is not a lot and you can only backup one computer. Sure, you can buy more space but hey, that can get pretty expensive. Their customer support is amazing so if you only want to backup essential data, then Mozy will be perfect for you.

Mozy currently offers free trial so you might want to take a look into it. Click here to visit mozy now

Visit Mozy

4. ZipCloud

ZipCloud Logo

Positives: Simple, Great price initially, Reliable

Negatives: No power user features, Lots of upselling

ZipCloud does not have every feature possible, but it’s only ultimate geeks that would miss them. Some features cost extra money, so don’t be surprised by this later on, but even with these “upgrades” their prices are very good compared to other services, many of which also have hidden costs later on. Back to features, ZipCloud has all the standard features like scheduled backups, bandwidth throttling, file exclusions and so on.

They back up your data to Amazon data centers. To put this in terms of quality, let’s just say your files are backed up to the Mercedes of data centers. Outsourcing their storage space means that they don’t have their own data center which might fail for some reason. Reddit, Netflix, and other big brands host with Amazon, if they trust their data with them, do you think can too? I think this is a very good idea for a backup company.

What’s more, they will stand 100% behind they product, and offer an anytime moneyback guarantee. Whether its 2 weeks from now, or 2 years from now, you can claim a refund if you are unhappy.

Visit ZipCloud »

5. Dropbox

Positives: Well known, Great interface

Negatives: Expensive, Sharing reduces your space, Folder solution

Now now, who doesn’t know Dropbox? Pretty sure we all do, unless of course you have been hiding under a rock for quite sometimes. And who doesn’t love Dropbox? You bet we all do.

However, Dropbox is more for file syncing, and not really for backups. Sure, you can use them for backup purposes but it is a pain to put all your files in Dropbox folder just to get them synced and backed up to Dropbox servers. No, you can’t backup every files you have on your computer. Plus, the storage has limitations. Even if you max out on referral storage, at top you will get 19GB. If you want to buy more storage, 100GB will cost you $9.99 a month. Not a lot but it’s more expensive compared to services like Backblaze.

But everyone is on there and sharing is easy. So if that’s what you want, go for it.

Visit Dropbox

So what should you choose?

The list has a number 1 choice, so go for that if you want a great service at a great price. But you can’t go wrong with number 2 either, except in the price perhaps. All of these companies try hard to make their customers 100% happy, these are very new and exciting companies who care about their customers, so really you can’t go wrong with them.

Good luck!


Rank Provider Starting
Review Link


$3.96/mo Read Review Visit Site


$7/mo Read Review Visit Site


$5.99/month Read Review Visit Site


ZipCloud $4.95/mo Read Review Visit Site


free for 5GB Read Review Visit Site

Published 2013-11-13
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

9 responses to “5 Online Backups for Time Machine

  1. So this article should be titled: “Cloud backup plans that have nothing to do with Time Machine”

    I don’t know how backblaze gets #1, as restoring from a backblaze archive is as difficult as they could make it. Basically, you download a zip file of every file on the disk. It’s complete, but not very useful. I stopped using backblaze because of the difficulty restoring the files.

    What I’d really like is a remote disk image — that would actually make restoration easy.

  2. I think that you ought to mention Crashplan which was recommended to me by a professional musician and long term Mac user. He has 3TB local backup as well as unlimited Crashplan storage. I have just started to use it. Price does not rise with amount of storage only with the number of your computers.

    Robin McOuat UK

  3. Time Machine is the perfect backup management software, because you don’t have to select what is backed up – the entire disk is mirror checked against the last backup and changes backed up several times a day. If you have a wireless terabyte drive, such as Apple’s own, it will continue to make time stamped snapshots until you run out of disk space, then automatically overwrite the oldest ghost available. Time Machine ‘only’ works with plug-in drives, wireless drives on your network or fixed drives on your network – it does not work with Cloud storage companies, such as Dropbox. I don’t want to use a Cloud Backup companies sub-standard software, I want to use Time Machine and I suspect others Google searching expected to find that solution when finding your article title, but it’s just not the case.

    1. What you said is *almost* correct. Time Machine works with attached drives and only Apple networked storage (time machine). If you want to use a non-Apple storage array, you’re hosed.

      One more example of an almost great product being made not-as-great because of greed.

      Also, If you don’t think cloud backup is important, then your files can’t be that important either.

  4. I agree with you because mostly we have usual backup solutions in the article, which are not the famous ones. Why didn’t you include Acronis for example? I think it is one of the most reliable tools to backup data.

  5. This article’s header is misleading: “5 Online Backups for Time Machine,” but the article quickly eschews Time Machine for online backups that have nothing whatsoever to do with the program.

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