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5 Online Backups With Unlimited Storage in 2013

“36% of personal digital contents will be stored on the cloud in 2016” – Gartner, Inc.

36% is no small number. You might think it is just one-third of the data, but think again. You can easily get an estimate of how big 36% is by asking yourself one simple question: how big is your current hard drive?

Most computers now come with 500GB hard drive. That is a standard now. If you are not on laptop and using desktop, then it’s likely that your storage capacity is at 1TB, or more. About 20GB or so is filled with your operating system, and maybe another 50GB or so with applications you use. The rest of your storage is filled with all your personal data – music, videos, photos, documents and whatnot. Those personal data usually take up hundreds of gigabytes on your hard drive. What would be 36% of that?

Computers are no longer the only machines we use to generate data. We are already in post-PC era, and we are using multiple connected devices, the majority of which are equipped with cameras. And most of those devices are powerful enough to perform most things we do on our PCs. With those devices, there is a massive increase in user-generated contents. And those contents also need storage.

You see, when your devices are filled with data and you find yourself in need of space. What do you do? Usually, we connect the device to our computers and off-load whatever contents onto the computer. That just contributes to the increase in storage need for your computer! And we already know that storing data only on our computers is the same as performing a spell to bring-forth the Apocalypse. That’s why we look to the cloud, for backup purposes.

With such increase in our data storage, the storage requirement for our online backups has also increased. So what do we do with that?

Back in 2011, only 7% of consumer data were housed on the cloud. And now it’s 36%. That’s already at least a couple hundreds of gigabytes on average. Heck, even with minimal usage, it would be hovering around 75GB to 100GB of personal data alone. Backing up that amount of data online would cost a lot of money, isn’t?

Not necessarily. There are online backup services with unlimited storage, and when we say unlimited storage, we mean that. It is not some scammy oversell promise. Here, we have compiled best online backups with unlimited storage for you to choose in 2013.

Winner – CrashPlan – From $5.99 Per Month

What can we not love about CrashPlan? It gives us unlimited storage backup at just $5.99 a month. Yes, you read that right. For the price of a cup of Starbucks Espresso and a croissant, you get yourself a nice backup service to store all your data on the cloud. CrashPlan is one of the most solid, awesome and kick-ass online backup companies in the market. Backed by solid technology and team, CrashPlan provides much more than just a gigantic pool of storage space for your data. With CrashPlan, you get an amazing client app which also doubles as a backup software you can use to perform local backups, as well as remote backups to another computer you own over same network or Internet. Just install CrashPlan desktop client app on both machines, and you are good to go. You can even get that kick-ass app without paying a dime for online storage option. How cool is that? A word of warning though. CrashPlan desktop client app is meant for advanced users. While it still has a wizard that will help you to setup and start backing up, it also sports features that let you fine-tune every single aspects of your backup. Its features are amazingly advanced and just so flexible. We totally fall in love with it since the first time we use, and check out our review on them here.

Visit Crashplan

First Runner Up – Backblaze – From $3.96/month

Built by ex-Apple employees, Backblaze is just oozing with polishedness and easy-to-use traits of Apple products. While the desktop client app is very easy to use, it doesn’t skimp on features like some other companies. It is not as feature-rich as CrashPlan though so it is more for people who want a simpler solution while still getting unlimited storage space for their online backups. With Backblaze, you get to pay only $5 a month if you choose to go with monthly billing cycle, and only $3.96 if you pay for 2 years in advance. Now that’s even lower than a cup of coffee! Apple users will be also pleased to know that Backblaze integrates quite well with OS X since Mac version is written in Xcode and meant to work extremely well with Mac. Oh and there is no individual file size limit ceiling so if you have those huge high definition video files, you can easily back them up onto the cloud now. Here is our full review on Backblaze.

Visit BackBlaze

3. Bitcasa – $10 Per Month


Some of you may have heard of Bitcasa – the next big thing from TechCrunch Disrupt event. It is actually new kid on the block but already making huge waves with its amazing technology and offering. What Bitcasa offers is not just a backup solution with unlimited storage. In fact, they are offering “infinite storage” for you to use as your online hard drive. With Bitcasa client app running on your computer, you can turn any folder into Bitcasa drive (which basically puts the folder onto Bitcasa network). Then you can choose to either let that folder remain completely on Bitcasa, or also have a local copy (sort of like syncing in Dropbox). Either way, Bitcasa allows you to use their network like your own hard drive. And yes, you get no restrictions on storage space. Plus you are only paying $10 a month! How cool is that? Check out our review to learn more about Bitcasa.

Visit Bitcasa

4. Zipcloud – $6.95 Per Month


ZipCloud is super simple and very straightforward online backup service which will win the heart of many users who just want a no-frill service. The software is so simple to use that it is pretty much set it and forget it kind of thing. You just install the desktop client app, set which folders to backup, and done. For $6.95 a month, you get unlimited storage space (not including external hard drives) for your computer. If you don’t need that much, then just pay $4.95 a month and you will be getting yourself a nice 75GB online backup storage plan. Be warned though. ZipCloud is not for advanced users who long for a lot of fine-tuning controls. It is more suited with people who don’t want to mess around with configurations and all that. If you are one of those folks, then you will definitely love ZipCloud. Read our review on ZipCloud to learn more.

Visit ZipCloud

5. Carbonite – From $59/Year

Carbonite gives you unlimited storage backup for one computer for just $59 a year. It breaks down to about $4.916 a month but you can only pay annually. Carbonite is one of the most advertised and well-known online backup company with a solid service and customer support. It is best suited for Windows users actually, since the desktop client app for Mac OS X is rather shoddy and lacking a lot of features Windows users are taking for granted. The unlimited storage at that price is also only for internal hard drives too, so if you want to also backup external hard drives then you will have to pay $99 per year. Not so shabby, since you will be getting top-notch customer service from Carbonite team. Here is our review on them.

Visit Carbonite


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$59/year Read Review Visit Site

Published 2013-03-18
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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