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Not recommended for a huge amount of uploads, however for a personal service with Facebook backups (the only service to offer this!), we highly recommend this for backup up personal files and emails. You can sign up now.

SOS Online Backup is one of the best services around, and have wone PCMag Editors’ Choice for three times. The fact that it’s continuously improving and getting better just lengthen the gap between it and the competition. The new SOS Online Backup 5.0 include amazing features like Facebook backup (yes, you can backup your social network account which might be your whole life!), Mac support, and improved apps on iOS and Android. It also improves on the SOS upload and download speeds, which is actually already very fast. Unlike many other contenders in this space, SOS offers capped data storage but let you backup up to 5 computers right out of the box. Its pricing options are in fact quite attractive although the storage is capped. With its abundance of awesome features and friendly interface, SOS Online Backup will be one of our favourites.

Pricing Pricing Plans

SOS offers plans for Home, Business and Server. They even have Resellers plan but there is no pricing indicated on the website. You will have to contact them directly to know more about Reseller option.

For SOS for Home

  • 50GB – $79.99 for 1 year. $139.99 for 2 years and $259.99 for 3 years (save 50%)
  • 150GB – $99.99 for 1 year. $179.99 for 2 years and $324.99 for 3 years (save 50%)
  • 250GB – $199.99 for 1 year. $349.99 for 2 years and $649.99 for 3 years (save 50%)

All SOS for Home plans let you backup up to 5 PCs or Macs. This is, in comparison, quite a useful feature compared to other services like Mozy or Carbonite which only let us backup one PC, although they let us store unlimited storage. The thing is, not everybody needs unlimited storage. We don’t even need to backup our whole PC. Important documents and files are enough.

For SOS for Business

SOS for Business plans come with unlimited computers backup, so that you can backup every PCs, laptops and workstations you own at your business.

  • 350GB – $59.99/month. $599.99/year. $1049.99 for 2 years
  • 2TB – $319.99/month or 3199.99 for 1 year. $5599.99 for 2 years

For SOS for Server Solutions

SOS for servers is in addition to the price of the business plan, so if you want to back up servers, you pay for the space plus the license to back up the number of servers stated below:

  • One Server – $79.01/month
  • Three Servers – $159.01/month
  • Five Servers – $379.01/month
  • Ten Servers – $589.01/month

We would say that the pricing is very competitive, even though the storage data is capped. Our team members are using Carbonite, CrashPlan and Mozy, and we often wish that we could backup more than one computers. After all, who doesn’t own more than one laptop/desktop today?

Features Features

We don’t even know where to start with the features of SOS. It has very impressive arrays of features that many of its competitors just can’t beat. We will focus on the most important ones here.

For SOS for Home

  • Unlimited Versioning. SOS will store unlimited versions of your files and you can revert back to any versions from any previous dates.
  • Backup up to 5 PCs
  • Facebook backup. Basically, it can backup your friends, wall posts, photos, contacts and videos. There is no other cloud backup service that provides this
  • Continuous Backup. Files will be backed up as soon as a change is detected, ensuring that your cloud data are always the latest version of your local files
  • iPhone and iPad Backup. Basically, it will backup your photos, videos and contacts on your iOS devices
  • Web and Mobile access. Apps are available for both iOS and Android

For SOS for Business

  • All features of SOS for Home
  • Unlimited computers
  • Backup files to a local hard drive
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Enterprise strength compression
  • Enhanced security with military grade three-tier encryption system

For SOS for Server Solutions

SOS for Server Solutions include additional features exclusively for servers, along with usual features from Business edition packages. We will list down the most important features here.

  • Bare Metal ImageCreator, which basically creates bare metal images for all large server files and machines, in case of recovery on dissimilar hardware
  • Windows server backup
  • Exchange Granular Recover. This gives IT teams amazing functions to perform full Exchange database backup and recovery
  • SharePoint server backup
  • SQL server backup
  • Mobile Management. Mobile app for SOS Server Solutions is different from normal end-user SOS Backup mobile apps. SOS ServerSave app give flexible access to sysadmins for all backed up data of servers
  • Backup up to 5000 PCs within a business, saving the hassle of having to juggle between accounts

After going through all the features, we are pretty much in awe of how far SOS has come.

Security Security

SOS mainly uses three-tiered encryption system, which encrypts your data locally, encrypt in transit during upload and encrypt the rest in the data center. This kind of encryption us frequently used by the US military. SOS also uses an option called UltraSafe, which encrypts your data with a password that only you can access. The company uses 256-bit AES and 128-bit encryption methods, and also provides redundant storage. Basically, it means your files are saved in more than one physical location. With such added protection, your data will be sfe even if something happens to one of the SOS’s servers.

Customer Service Customer Service

SOS Online Backup’s customer service options are among the most comprehensive we have seen. They have video tutorials, knowledgebase and a lively forum community. Live chat is also available between 6AM to 6PM PST. And they also provide telephone support for business customers, although this option is not available for Home plans customers yet. Should you choose to go to less confrontational support, you can just submit a ticket and wait for response. Overall, our searches reveal that SOS Online Backup has really solid customer service with primarily ¬†satisfied customers all around.

 The Process

Purchasing an account is rather easy. You just choose a plan you want, fill in basic information of your account (which doesn’t include your address and all those non-sense), enter your credit card details and you are good to go. Then you will download the software.

After you sign in, the wizard will scan your computer and shows how much space each category will take. Categories type are basically Documents, Images, Music, and Video.

After that, you can fine-tune the backup files by including and excluding directories, files, and also designate files for LiveProtect, which will automatically update those files as soon as any changes are made. Then you can also setup the scheduling. When all things are done and running, you will see a system tray icon, indicating that a backup is running.

SOS Control Window is dead simple, and it doesn’t confuse you with all bells and whistles. But don’t be fooled by such a simple interface. It still lets you dive down deep into all the settings and let you tweak to your heart’s content if you so wish for.

From system tray icon, you can bring up a window which will show you the progress of your backup. Here, you can pause, and resume your backups.

If you want more classic look with directories and whatnot, and less wizard driven, you can still access Classic View of SOS Online Backup software. You will see familiar directory structures and everything.

Restoration is quite easy too. You just choose files, and date for its previous version (SOS supports unlimited versioning) then just click on Restore.

Accessing the files from web interface is quite easy too. You can choose your computer name, and access every files you have backed up from that computer.

If you have been waiting for something on SOS Facebook backup, here it is. It is essentially a Facebook app you have to connect your account to. From here, you can see your SOS data usage, view backup history, and perform backups of your whole Facebook life.

Conclusion Conclusion

If you are looking for an unlimited storage backup, then SOS Online Backup is definitely not for you. If you are looking to backup your whole PC, then SOS Online Backup is still not for you.. However, if you are looking to backup just your personal documents and entertainment files, and have more than one computers to backup, then you will seriously want to consider SOS as your primary backup solution. It offers many array of features, but the simplicity is just plain awesome too. Most members of our team here is using more than one computer. Many are with a desktop, a laptop and a netbook. So the ability to backup all those machines in one place is always a welcoming convenience for us. Overall, we feel that you should consider it if you don’t need super-duper mega massive amount of storage.

Published 2012-09-03
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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    I signed up for the Facebook backup thing since I’ve got a lot of photos on there, it works ok although I ran out of space :(

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