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Cheapest per GB rate in the industry, and the trial amount beats almost every competitor. No linux support, and there is a maximum package of 500GB. So for small amounts, it is highly recommended. Read on for more details, or you can sign up now.

SugarSync is one of our favourite among the top 10 here, thanks to its competitive pricing, feature-packed web interface and ease of use. At its core, there is Magic Briefcase, which is basically a folder on your PC and it will automatically backup any files you put into it on the SugarSync’s online storage. It will also sync it automatically to other computers and smart phones on which you’ve installed the application. SugarSync’s mobile support is also amazing, with apps for not just iOS, Android and BlackBerry, but also for Windows Phone and even Symbian devices.

If you ask us what the best feature of SugarSync is, then it would be its simplicity and straightforwardness. If you are familiar with Dropbox, then you are already familiar with what SugarSync does. Yes, SugarSync doesn’t do automated backup of your whole PC, but what the service offer is not a cloud backup service. It is more of data syncing.

Video Review

To watch the video on youtube click here.

Pricing Pricing Plans

One good thing about SugarSync is that it offers 5GB for free, which technically fits 500 documents, 2,000 photos or 2,000 songs. They also offer 3 paid plans with higher storage, but maintain same features across all plans, both free and paid. They also have one plan for business users which allow syncing across 3 users and 100GB of storage. All plans offer 30-day free trial.

  • 30GB – $4.99/month or $49.99/year
  • 60GB – $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • 100GB – $14.99/month or $149.99/year
  • (Business Plan) 100GB and 3 users – $29.99/month or $299.99/year

If you want additional storage, 250GB plan is available at $24.99/month or $249.99/year and 500GB plan at $39.99/month or $399.99/year. The website stated that these are special introductory prices so we are not sure when the prices will change.

Features Features

Arguably, the most important feature of SugarSync is its ability to sync your files in real-time across all computers and mobile devices you are using. Unlike other backup services, SugarSync will not backup your files in Magic Briefcase on a scheduled time or even a daily basis. Once you make a changes to files in Magic Briefcase, or add a new file into it, those new additions and changes are automatically synced. Let’s take a look at rundown of other important features.

  • Versioning. SugarSync will keep up to 5 versions, but only the most recent version will be counted towards your storage quota. You can restore any version you like.
  • Backup ANY folder on your computer (which you can choose)
  • Sync files only to a special folder across multiple computers
  • Upload and sync via email
  • Access files from Web, mobile apps and even Outlook plugin
  • Support both Windows and Mac OSX. No Linux support
  • Get up to 32GB free storage when your referrals sign up

When we compare SugarSync’s features to its competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive, we find that SugarSync offers certain features which are better or exclusive to them. However, there is no Linux support and it is an absolute bummer when compared to Dropbox.

Security Security

SugarSync uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is also called SSL 3.3 and encrypt your data using 128-bit AES, which is used in financial industry for online financial transactions. So it is pretty safe and secure, we would say.

Customer Service Customer Service

For a syncing service like this, we really don’t think a lot of customer support is necessary. SugarSync is totally straightforward, and easy to use. However, the software itself has help resources, getting started guide and setup video, which in our opinion are more than enough for most users. You can also find video tutorials, knowledgebase and user forums on SugarSync’s website. You can just do a search for your inquiries and find answers to them. If you still have questions and no information you find on tutorials, knowledgebase and user forums can satisfy you, you can then contact the customer service via email or chat with them via their live chat support system. However, we feel discontent to find out that SugarSync charges an additional monthly fee for unlimited telephone support, when other competitors are not charging for it.

A quick search on the Web returns with interesting results. As usual, satisfied customers and those who hate it are always mixed. But overall, we find that most users like SugarSync.

 The Process

Getting started on SugarSync is really easy. If you are going to exploit its 5GB free offer, then you just have to download the software and install it. The file size is only 17.2MB and the download is quite fast. After installation, it will prompt you to fill in username and password. Then voila, you are done. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to fill in too much personal information. You can then later upgrade your account from the web interface. However, if you want to sign up directly to paid plans, then the process is still quite painless.

You just have to choose from available plans then you will be prompted to fill in your name, email and password. No non-sense collection of your information!

Afterwards, you can choose to pay either monthly or yearly, and also payment option. You can opt to pay with your credit card, which requires you to fill in your information, or you can just use PayPal which in our opinion is more convenient, if you have PayPal.

After that, it will prompt you to download the software which is the same one as free accounts, and also bring you to your online account portal. Here you can view your files, make changes to your account, and manage subscriptions.

After installing, the software will put its icon on your system tray, and also Magic Briefcase on your PC, which resides within your Document folder. You can actually use the software to change settings on which folders to sync across other machines, and which folders not to sync. This kind of flexibility is just awesome. Plus you don’t have to put every folders and files into Magic Briefcase to upload to SugarSync. After installation, the software will add an option in your right-click contextual menu which allows you to just right-click on any files or folders and let you upload onto SugarSync. Pretty neat, isn’t?

Conclusion Conclusion

We actually feel that SugarSync is an amazing software and service. Its initial 5GB free storage actually beats Dropbox, and a few features which aren’t available in other cloud syncing services also make SugarSync stand out very well from the competition. When it comes to pricing, it is the cheapest per GB in the industry. This is not your normal run-of-the-mill backup service. So if you are looking for doing a backup to your whole computer, then you might want to look elsewhere. If you have a huge collection of files, such as RAW images, then you might want to reconsider buying SugarSync account since the highest storage plan available now is only 500GB. It is almost nothing for photographers. And if you intend to do backups from your Linux-based machines, then you are out of luck. You are better off with Dropbox, which we think is still one of the best cloud syncing and storage service.

Should you get SugarSync? For relatively painless and simple service, and initial 5GB free storage, we would say “Just go for it.” This is one service that we can wholeheartedly recommend you without any regrets whatsoever.

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3 Responses to SugarSync Comment

  1. sffds says:
    Price 55555
    Features 55555
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 33333
    Speed 44444
    Customer Service 44444

    I read a lot of reviews about them and decided to sign up, I’m pretty happy all round, I guess the space might not be enough for some but its good for me.

  2. asftamr says:
    Price 11111
    Features 33333
    Reliability 33333
    Storage Space 33333
    Speed 22222
    Customer Service 11111

    Maybe not such a good idea, after all.
    Its quite useful – until you find out at what cost.
    They’ll start billing you without any notice or warning – and just try contacting their customer support for help or assistance.

  3. Fredrik says:
    Price 11111
    Features 11111
    Reliability 11111
    Storage Space 33333
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 33333

    Used Dropbox, then Sugar. Paid for both over the usage times. Sugar had a lot of sync issues with conflicting copies created and such. Do not recommend Sugar at this point.

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