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Although there is no unlimited space, the price per GB is good and the service for it is excellent. The software is among the best (simplest) we’ve seen, so thumbs up on that. Community troubleshooting is a good feature. If you want to, sign up now.

Mozy is an online backup service that offers 3 different packages for backing up your data, from a personal option beginning at $5.99 a month to professional solutions for much more. For a home solution they are good, but compared to some unlimited space providers they are quite expensive for the high end services. Contrary to many services, they have no free trial!

They do offer specific business solutions like database and server backups, which is not something that a lot of other backup services offer. If you need to store more than your music and photos, Mozy might be for you.

Video Review

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Pricing Pricing Plans

Mozy offer an enterprise option which is interesting as it seems to be for big business. Apart from that they separate out their services into personal and business use, with each type having different packages, and different features and additional services with them.

– Personal Package – From $5.99 to $9.99 depending on whether you need 50GB or 125GB

– Professional – From $17.50 to $332.50 per month depending on space of 50GB or 1 TB (additional services are included)

– Enterprise – Custom prices

Features Features

As I said previously, there is a home or personal version, and a professional version. Here are the features of each:

1. MozyHome
  • Automatic/scheduled backups
  • Local backup using Mozy 2x Protect
  • File encryption during backup and storage
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • In-client, in-Windows, web-based and DVD restores
  • Desktop/laptop support for Windows and Mac

2. MozyPro

  • All the features included in MozyHmoe plus server support for Windows and Mac
  • Customized your-company.mozypro domain
  • Centralized billing, support and administration

You need to look at what you really need, whether the 3 features in Pro are worth paying for or not.

Security Security

All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a secure SSL connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or choose a personal key for added security.
Data centers
Data is stored in state-of-the-art data centers that employ the highest security standards and are SAS70 or ISO certified.
Near-continuous data protection
Mozy automatically detects and backs up new and changed files.

Customer Service Customer Service

Customer service is available in English, German and French. Nice change since most services are only in english. They have a large support area where all tutorials are available on how to use the service.

However according to quite a few reviews I found on the internet, their call center is terrible and the guides don’t explain everything so well. Although I found nothing wrong with the customer service, it is possible that long term customers have problems in the long run. So you should consider whether you are a computer expert and can handle any problems that might arise.

The process

The signup form is really easy and they don’t ask for any details that are unnecessary, which is good as I love a quick signup! They do require that you select home or pro right at the start.

They do need you to select the pricing option you want before downloading the software or updating anything.

And then suddenly the prompt appears for me to give them my credit card details, so I do actually have to give up my personal details before testing anything. I’m not very happy about this.

So I went ahead and paid, now I have the option to download. Although I have to select my operating system, which is silly as they should know what I am using. User interaction can be improved! The file size is pretty large (22MB), and the download was pretty slow. I wonder why the program is 22MB!

The installation went fine, and I am greeted by the usual login screen that I don’t like (theoretically it could be avoided)

Just like a few other providers, Mozy do allow you to use your own personal encryption key, which is pretty sweet.

Their actual program is the simplest I’ve seen yet! Obviously the Pro version probably has more options, but I love how simple their program is, with only three areas, and only the options that I really need. Bandwidth throttling, scheduling, and file selection! 5 thumbs up for the program!

Conclusion Conclusion

While the price and space are not great, and there is no free trial, the program is the simplest I’ve seen and so I really like it. Really easy for anyone to use. Their customer service is great, and I like the fact that the community has the option to answer questions as well.

Speed of the uploads was fine, although the download did take a bit since the file was 22MB. But it was worth it, the program is great!

Published 2012-09-09
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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    I read about them in an article, and signed up without checking other services. I’m pretty happy and won’t change.

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