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LiveDrive is a UK company with the best price for unlimited online backup that we’ve found. Their software has all the features a normal user could want, with 3 different packages to choose from, starting at just $6 per month. Try them now!

LiveDrive have gone all out to become the best priced backup service. They used to be more expensive, but now they’ve dropped their prices, which means they havn’t compromised on quality. Starting at just $6 per month for unlimited backups for 1 machine, their price cannot be beaten.

Their software works on all platforms, and we were very impressed with their Mac software.

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Pricing Pricing Plans

LiveDrive currently offers 3 plans for personal use, two plans for business and enterprises, and one fixed plan for resellers.

For Home

  • Backup – $6 per month. Unlimited Storage. One machine.
  • Briefcase – $12 per month. 2TB Storage for syncing (like Dropbox). No machine limit.
  • Pro Suite – $19 per month. Unlimited storage backup for up to 5 machines. 5TB Briefcase storage for syncing. FTP and WebDAV access.

For Enterprises & Business

LiveDrive offers two plans for enterprises. We feel that the storage provided with both plans aren’t exactly superb, but they seem to provide extra features for business usage.

  • Express – $49.95 per month. 2TB cloud storage and up to 3 users.
  • Standard – $159.95 per month. 10TB storage and up to 10 users. You can add additional users at $14.95/month/user and additional storage at $7.95/month/1TB.

For Resellers

If you are looking to offer cloud storage service of your own, LiveDrive offers just the thing for you. They offer white label reseller program for those interested. You can provide all types of accounts LiveDrive is now offering, except reseller account type. You get unlimited users and storage, and can even customize your own packages. You will have complete control over billing, branding and whatnot.

However, when you create “Business Account” under your Reseller account, things get trickier. LiveDrive buried the information deep in its features pages, and no additional pricing information is given. It seems like you have to pay for storage and users when you create a “Business Account” under your Reseller account, although creating the account itself is free. For personal accounts, they are free without any extra charges.

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Features Features

The features are quite extensive for each plans but seem pretty consistent among most plans. The only real difference in personal accounts is storage and ability to sync the files, and for business plans, the difference is in storage, user limit and ability to buy additional storage and users.

For Home Accounts

  • Unlimited Storage for backup
  • 2TB to 5TB storage for syncing (like Dropbox)
  • Access files from web browser
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Edit files from web browser
  • Send files to Facebook and Flickr
  • Access to up to 30 versions of a file
  • Restore deleted files within 30 days
  • Email in files to your account
  • AES-256 encryption system
  • Platform compatibility on both Windows (XP and above) and Mac (Snow Leopard and above)
  • FTP and WebDAV access

For Enterprise Accounts

  • 2TB to 10TB storage
  • 3 users to 10 users
  • Ability to buy additional users and storage (for highest paying account plan)
  • Restore files using Restore Software
  • Online backup for NAS
  • Private storage for each users
  • Own sharing portal at yourcompany.livedrive.com
  • And other features from Home accounts.

For Reseller Accounts

Reseller accounts actually give you a lot of freedom in creating your own packages. It lets you brand your offerings as well, and handle billing and stuffs using their API.

At a glance of all these features, we seriously thought that this is just “wow”. However, does it live up to our expectations? Read on.

Security Security

LiveDrive stated on their website that they use AES-256 encryption for Home accounts and military-grade encryption mechanisms for Enterprise accounts. However, there were customers’ reporting of server downtime and such. When questioned about security practices, LiveDrive was actually silent. This makes their security measures a lot more questionable and overall, we don’t feel the same confidence we have with other providers.

Then there is this issue with problematic backups. Although they stated that LiveDrive software backups all files, at times it ignores files, and sometimes, files appeared corrupted. And many times, files that don’t have any changes get backed up. This is just huge issue.

Customer Service Customer Service

While we’ve had problems with LiveDrive customer service a year ago, they’ve got their act together and it’s much better now. They replied to our support request online quite quickly, and they are fairly active on Twitter, although they could still be a tiny bit more!

 The Process

When you sign up for either Home or Business accounts, it will ask you to choose a plan.

Initially, it only asks you to fill in your email and password which we thought was really good as filling out too many unnecessary information is just ridiculous. However, once this step is done, you are asked to fill in personal information which includes your full address down to ZIP and phone number. We tried skipping some information but apparently all are necessary. What a bummer! Why do they need our cell? They don’t even have telephone support.

Right after that, they will ask for you to choose a pricing plan to sign up, and ask for your credit card details. We actually don’t like companies that forcefully ask credit card details just to enjoy a trial. They stated that they also offer 30-days money back guarantee. How far they keep their promise, we still don’t know yet.

After you give your credit card information and choose a pricing plan, then you can download their software. Installing it will also give you an option in your contextual menu (right-click menu) to allow manual backup of files onto LiveDrive.

Their online control panel has pretty good integration with Picnik, FotoFlexer, Zoho Office and Scribd. These integration allow you to edit uploaded photos, edit and view your office documents, right from their portal. The mobile apps also let you view the files, listen to the audio files, display a slideshow of stored photos and see files other users have shared.

One issue we really don’t like about the software is it is laughably basic. Not only that, it doesn’t backup incremental changes and instead want to backup whole file as long as a file is edited. This is a bummer and it really eats the bandwidth a lot.

Then there is no scheduled backup option which basically means you can’t set a timer, leave your PC open and let it run. They shouldn’t even call this a backup service.

Conclusion Conclusion

We admit that we were drawn by the extensive arrays of features from LiveDrive. However, after testing their software and reaching out to existing customers to know more about their customer service, we find it it’s not worth your money and valuable data. However, if you would like to start a small cloud backup service without having to invest in your own infrastructure and technology, then LiveDrive’s Reseller account will be for you. But if anything for customer service is necessary, you are on your own. Basically. There are many more cloud backup companies with much better customer service and pricing.

Published 2012-09-11
Written by Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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    I’ve been with Livedrive for 2 years and I certainly liked when they decreased their prices! I was really happy with them already, and this way I can’t recommend them enough!

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    Livedrive lost sever GB of photos and currupted several GB more data of mine, customer service couldn’t care less. Steer away from them and find a real backup provider.

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    • 44444
    • 11111
    • 11111

    I could not get through the 2 week trial period without frustration from trying to get support.
    During the 2 week trial, with my Mac on 24-7, only 70gb of data was backed up. Obviously, there is some kind of problem so I contacted support one week into the trial and the problem has not been sorted out. Meanwhile, my trial period came to a close and my access to the application and to the support ticket that was generated, was restricted. The only communication I get from them at this point is, send money! Very frustrated. The star ratings I’ll be giving are based on a terrible 2 week trial period.

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