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Operating Systems

  • Linux Compatible Linux Compatible
  • Mac Compatible Mac Compatible
  • PC Compatible PC Compatible


  • Android Compatible Android Compatible
  • Automatic Backups Automatic Backups
  • Cellphone access Cellphone access
  • File Versioning File Versioning
  • iPad Compatible iPad Compatible
  • iPhone Compatible iPhone Compatible
  • Multiple Computers Multiple Computers
  • Referral Program Referral Program
  • Scheduled Backups Scheduled Backups
  • Sharing Sharing
  • Tablet Compatible Tablet Compatible
  • Video Tutorials Video Tutorials
  • Web Access Web Access

Payment Options

  • American Express American Express
  • Paypal Paypal
  • Visa / Mastercard Visa / Mastercard

Support Types

  • 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
  • Forum Forum
  • Phone Support Phone Support
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Minimum Price 75 GB for $4.95
Maximum Price Unlimited for $9.95


Easy to use website, easy to use software with the features that you need, and a reasonably price for both limited and unlimited services. MyPCBackup is the best backup service and is therefore highly recommended.

User Comments

  • […] folder” service. So they are in a similar business to something like Dropbox, and not MyPCBackup. They actually offer a free service of 2GB, and there is a 30 day trial for 25GB which is pretty […]

  • James says:
    Price 55555
    Features 55555
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 55555
    Speed 33333
    Customer Service 44444

    MyPCBackup were pretty easy to set up, and I got my stuff backed up in a day. They did bombard me with emails about special offers, which was a bit annoying.

    Their price is pretty good, although I’ve found cheaper for unlimited storage. All round though the software just sits in my tray and does what its told.

  • Steve says:
    Price 22222
    Features 22222
    Reliability 11111
    Storage Space 11111
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 11111

    Just as other posters detailing issues, I have a lot of data so I purchased several of their upgrades including unlimited data. Well, it is all just ILLEGAL Bait and Switch tactics. Once you are on the hook and committed, they will “Flag” your account and tell you that you must upgrade to a business account to continue. Its no use trying to explain your situation or explain unlimited to them because….”Once your account is flagged, it is out of their control”. – COMPLETE BS and a poor business practice. Even though what they do is a crime in the US there is not much you can do to them in Europe, but I’m still looking into contacting INTERPOL. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!! Shop somewhere else, back up to big external drives, do anything you need but don’t waste your money with MyPCbackup.