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Minimum Price Unlimited for $5
Maximum Price Unlimited for $15


Well established business with a good reputation. Price and space are reasonable, however support for Mac and iOS devices is not good.

User Comments

  • oli says:
    Price 55555
    Features 55555
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 55555
    Speed 55555
    Customer Service 55555

    I’m a PC user so I can’t comment on the summary. I found carbonite on twitter where they are pretty active, so I figured they must be a decent company. (I own a small business and use their services for backing up everything). No problems, highly recommended!

  • Dale says:
    Price 55555
    Features 33333
    Reliability 33333
    Storage Space 33333
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 22222

    I have had Carbonite for several years now and can tell you that they throttle back upload speeds at some point due to what they consider excessive backup size. My wife is the photographer and my job is to make sure nothing bad happens. Carbonite no longer does the job for us because the upload speed has been cut back so much it cannot keep up. We paid a premium to our internet provider for extra upload bandwidth only to find out the problem was not with them. Sorry. It was otherwise a very easy to use and reliable interface. Unlimited backup not so useful if the speed is not there too.

  • Sigurdur Palsson says:
    Price 22222
    Features 55555
    Reliability 33333
    Storage Space 11111
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 11111

    I would not recommend to anyone to use Carbonite and only for the reason that their so called unlimited backup does not hold up since they throttle the upload speed significantly after a user reaches 200GB. Although 200GB is a lot of data and might be more than a regular user needs to backup, the backup sizes are rising due to all the digital photos and home videos users have. Another big issue is that .iso, .mov and .avi files are not backed up automatically since they decide that users should back them up manually!!
    Pricing is good until you want what you pay for 1 star
    Features are very good
    Reliability is good although it takes some time to get the backup started when forced
    Storage space is not there since the upload speed halts the upload (speed and space 1 star)
    Customer service is not there, takes to long to answer and the reply is template based

    After paying for 3 years in advance and then getting a late response from the customer service with this as an answer I would recommend people to seek other options.

  • NickB says:
    Price 55555
    Features 33333
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 55555
    Speed 44444
    Customer Service 44444

    Carbonite is great for PC backups – I’ve been using it for ~2 years, but the Home editions cannot support NAS. Only the business editions do this and its overkill for home users and too expensive. I’ve got a SSD in my new laptop and so wish to work from my NAS directly and therefore back it up to Carbonite which is not feasible.
    I’d question your recommendation to use Carbonite for NAS backups as its definitely not $5 per month.