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Operating Systems

  • PC Compatible PC Compatible


  • Android Compatible Android Compatible
  • Automatic Backups Automatic Backups
  • Cellphone access Cellphone access
  • File Versioning File Versioning
  • FTP Access FTP Access
  • iPad Compatible iPad Compatible
  • iPhone Compatible iPhone Compatible
  • Scheduled Backups Scheduled Backups
  • Sharing Sharing
  • Video Tutorials Video Tutorials

Payment Options

  • American Express American Express
  • Visa / Mastercard Visa / Mastercard

Support Types

  • 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
  • Forum Forum
  • Phone Support Phone Support
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Minimum Price 150 GB for $12.99
Maximum Price 1024 GB for $44.99


Egnyte was established on the principle of ‘Provisioning of Revolutionary Data Services’ and has successfully achieved that. It offers solutions for complicated data requirements of SMBs and large enterprises made possible through a popular service format that offers simplicity, security, cost efficiency, and top performance. Egnyte continuously exists in the press and media limelight due to its exciting services and attractive plans.

User Comments

  • Hish25 says:
    Price 55555
    Features 55555
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 44444
    Speed 55555
    Customer Service 44444

    Great for backing up my small business, been with them for 2 years. Highly recommended.

  • Ted says:
    Price 11111
    Features 44444
    Reliability 22222
    Storage Space 22222
    Speed 22222
    Customer Service 11111

    I did not have a good experience with this company. First, we signed up and got the backups going, for some reason the back-ups would keep more versions then we specified and we were going over our space limit. Only after multiple “Tickets”, emails and phone calls did we get it fixed. We were threatened to have a hike on our fee, it was frustrating because we were doing everything we could to delete the data and it would not go away. Fast forward several months, we got the local cloud going, we did feel it was a service that would help us. Once we got that going, we invested in a Ready NAS Device to create an Office Cloud. We were were hit with hidden fees, there is a $60 fee per month for the Office Cloud. We were having problems and were making phone calls and tickets, it was very frustrating.

    We don’t do business with vendors who are not upfront with fees not matter the amount, we feel were were victim of “bait and switch”. If they were honest about the $60 fee hike we would have been ok with it, but they never indicated that to us until we owned a $1800 NAS device and were trying to set it up. We terminated our service because of this. We will not do business with Egnyte.