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JustCloud Editorial Review

User Comments

    I’ve had super bad experience with JustCloud. Early in 2013 I tested and clearly stated to the rep that JustCloud DID NOT meet my needs, however they continued to charge my CC and I did not notice. Recently I’ve exchanged several emails, it have been very difficult to get answers to my questions. Finally they claim they have canceled my account )which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs) and made a small refund (far short of the payments). In the latest email 2/20/2016 they state “I am sorry to inform but all the account details are deleted and we do not have any records of your card details now. ” Obviously they don’t seem to utilize their back up service. I personally consider them to be a scam. I’d give them a rating of -10 if possible.

    I’ve had similar issues. I signed up for the 2 year unlimited plan. But, I found out it was limited when my recent photos were not uploaded (even though their upload tool indicated uploading was completed.)
    Even if you pay for an unlimited account & even earn extra space, they have a cutoff point that is not revealed until you realize you can no longer upload–my limit was 86GB. If I can, I’ll add their email that states the limit. They also charge extra for everything, including automatic video uploading, faster uploads (which still are not all that fast).

    I signed up for this service and it immediately began adding things I didn’t order or want, then charging them to my credit card.

    They make it very hard to candel. I finally got them to cancel the service and credit back to my card by threatening to notify the credit card company.

    When I first saw the information on Just Cloud, I was impressed. Their interface was easy to use so I bought the 2 year plan. Then I was almost immediately faced with a limitation on the amount of storage space I needed so I bought the unlimited plan. All was well for the first backup – except it took forever. So I upgraded to the turbo feature. Translation: more money.

    Then I noticed that some of my files didn’t seem to automatically back up. I needed a file when I was out of town so I signed into the account and was able to see my files. I noticed that a recent update to the file I needed didn’t show up. The last update was about a month old yet I had the service set up to back up daily.

    Then I was out of town for a month. When I got around to looking at Just Cloud, I saw that a backup had supposively been running for about 5 days yet looking at the files, I saw no updates whatsoever. I tried to open the control panel but it was gone. This could and probably was an issue on my end.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. My files were all still there and amazingly, that backup that had been running for 5 days now showed it had been running for 7 days but nothing was being backed up. Contacted technical support by email. You can’t talk to anyone and no chat was available at that time. They tried to help but everything they suggested were things I had already tried. Since I had 2 backups anyway (an internal hard drive backup and an external backup), I decide to cancel the service because I just couldn’t make it work and nothing in their FAQs seemed tobe applicable to my computer.

    So, I cancelled my service. At that point, I got a message from their Tier 2 support suggesting a remote session where they would look at my system and figure out what was wrong. I agreed and set a time per their request. I got no response so I set a new time and still no response. When the response came, it was from their person handling subscriptions who said my service had been cancelled per my request but since more than 30 days had gone by, I was not eligible for any refund on my 2 year subscription.

    So, my advice to anyone using their service is as follows:
    1) Things you really need are going to cost extra.
    2) pay month to month. I lost about 21 months worth of subscription fees.
    3) Maybe even a better solution is don’t use them at all.

    I was just about to buy an external hard drive when I got what seemed an unbelievable offer of unlimited storage for £2.48 a month, so bouught it. They actually charged me a few pence more then they stuck VAT on top so actually I paid about 25% more then I thought at the start, but it still OK.

    The uploads are very very slow

    Beginning to wish I had not bothered.

    When I signed up for JustCloud a year ago, I was so impressed that I signed up for an additional two years. I wish I still had such a high opinion, but I don’t. Here’s why.

    I have a number of drives, each with thousands of folders and tens of thousands of files. It was so great to be able to back up a whole drive by simply dragging and dropping it onto the JustClound PC application. Ten seconds, and walk away. You’re done. JustCloud does the rest.

    That is, until a month or so ago, when JustCloud removed the ability to drag and drop folders. Now, you can only drag and drop files. With thousands of folders, it would now take days to do what used to take me ten seconds. The service is now utterly useless to me.

    I contacted JustCloud, and when they confirmed that they no longer support dragging and dropping of folders, I asked that they cancel my account. They were more than happy to do that, but they refused to refund the payment for the unused two years of service.

    It’s not like I had any choice. JustCloud was no longer able to provide the service that I paid for. The responsibility is theirs, and I don’t think it unreasonable to expect to be reimbursed. Yet they refuse.

    JustCloud used to be a great service, and it deserved its number one spot on the charts. Not any more. If you are considering signing up with JustCloud, do yourself a favor and look very closely at the alternatives. There are no doubt comparable services out there with better ethics and business practices.

    I trusted Just Cloud with my data WRONG I had checked that it was all backed up I had even remotely connected and used the date which was stored No problems Until my server blew big time Tried to download my data and only 20% there, No compensation Here is the last correspondence for Just Cloud I will leave you to your one conclusionsHi David,Due to a bug with the way in which file path and folder paths are stored, using resource ID numbers, in some cases the ID numbers can become unattached from one another in a path.Regrettably no solution can be reached to recover this data, there is Petabytes of data to trawl through and development are only working on a solution to prevent it happening again. They cannot provide a solution for finding this data.I am sorry to be the bearer of this information, I completely understand the situation this puts you in. Unfortunately there is nothing I can possibly say that would help so I suspect you will agree it is better if I say nothing more than what I already have done.Kind Regards, — George ScottProduct & Development teamJust Cloud

    I have struggled with trying to understand why I had multiple copies of pictures I have taken suddenly appear on my camera roll. Is it because I had both iCloud and just cloud on my iPhone. Can anyone explain the difference between the two clouds”’,,,,, I finally disconnected from iCloud and am not experiencing the same issue. Is this a wise decision? Can anyone tell me for sur

    I signed up with them roughly a year ago and had similar bad experiences related to the aforementioned commentary. They lie about the free space (and it’s slower than molasses running down an icicle). They constantly “nag” you to upgrade this & that and by the time you add up all their ‘extra services’ you are paying way more per month than they lead you to believe at the outset. Getting a refund is a nightmare but if you stick with it and don’t let up on them, you eventually will get your money back. I do not and will never recommend JustCloud EVER again to anyone, not even someone I don’t like! Oh, and while I thought it was backing my files up every day and all was well, it had not been doing ANYTHING… all that was on the site was the very first backup, nothing else……. I was so upset & nothing that customer support suggested worked — including reinstalling their software three times. Very disappointing experience.

    I am very disappointed in the justcloud service, which I purchased based on good reviews from experts and users. I purchased an unlimited account with a 2 year subscription. Upon using 1.07 TB of storage space I was told I had to pay an extra $30/month (on top of the $78/month I was already paying) for a business account. Prior to this, my ability to backup files was ceased without any notification from the company. In fact, their application alleged that files were backed up daily, when in fact they were not I am not a business user, I am a student. I was shocked at the poor customer service and astronomical price charged for this service. I am in the (rather lengthy) process of canceling my account and transferring my files to an external hard drive.

    Before downloading this software, check the web for complaints. You will find many, as
    they are basically a bait-and-switch scam. They taut it as free and unlimited, but neither
    is true. For the “free” version, storage is limited, as is file size. And it is very very slow;
    after purchasing an upgrade for a speedier version, it is still very very slow. It finally quit
    altogether. There is also a charge for additional storage, and even for any help request.
    Cancelling is very difficult, but possible with persistence. A year after cancelling, they
    tried to slip a renewal through on PayPal. I had to file a dispute with PayPal then block
    Justcloud from charging anything through PayPal.
    Avoid like the plague.

    I started out being a very happy customer. Justcloud.com is fast and the GUI is nice. I was so happy that I bought 2 years license with unlimited backup and a lot of their extra services a year ago. But a few days ago I recievd an email telling me that my account was flagged. I had uploaded about 1700 GB data. I was told to cancel my account within 30 days and move to their Business account wich cost a lot more. To get 2 TB of data it would cost me 125$ a month. I cancelled my account and asked for a refund – at least for some of my money – as I had payed for two years and not even used one year backup. But they denied giving me any kind of refund.

    I will not recommend this company. They are not telling the truth about their products and I will never use Justcloud.com again. Instead I have found another online backup that gives me “real” unlimited backup for only 50$ – a year!!!!

    Keep away from Justcloud.com if you do not want to get a bad surprise and pay a lot for nothing.

    I have been using them for a year and it has been fine, their software was really easy to set up and has been running in the background. Great!