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Profile of LiveDrive

Operating Systems

  • Mac Compatible Mac Compatible
  • PC Compatible PC Compatible


  • Android Compatible Android Compatible
  • Automatic Backups Automatic Backups
  • Cellphone access Cellphone access
  • FTP Access FTP Access
  • iPad Compatible iPad Compatible
  • iPhone Compatible iPhone Compatible
  • Multiple Computers Multiple Computers
  • Referral Program Referral Program
  • Sharing Sharing
  • Web Access Web Access

Payment Options

  • Visa / Mastercard Visa / Mastercard

Support Types

  • 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
  • Phone Support Phone Support
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Minimum Price Unlimited for $6
Maximum Price Unlimited for $19


A long long list of features, but our experience of customer service wasn\\\\\\\'t that good. Price for unlimited space is actually pretty good. Reseller accounts can be interesting to business users.

User Comments

  • Laura-b says:
    Price 55555
    Features 55555
    Reliability 55555
    Storage Space 55555
    Speed 55555
    Customer Service 55555

    I’ve been with Livedrive for 2 years and I certainly liked when they decreased their prices! I was really happy with them already, and this way I can’t recommend them enough!

  • Peter Crinson says:
    Price 11111
    Features 11111
    Reliability 11111
    Storage Space 11111
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 11111

    Livedrive lost sever GB of photos and currupted several GB more data of mine, customer service couldn’t care less. Steer away from them and find a real backup provider.

  • Tom Face says:
    Price 44444
    Features 44444
    Reliability 22222
    Storage Space 44444
    Speed 11111
    Customer Service 11111

    I could not get through the 2 week trial period without frustration from trying to get support.
    During the 2 week trial, with my Mac on 24-7, only 70gb of data was backed up. Obviously, there is some kind of problem so I contacted support one week into the trial and the problem has not been sorted out. Meanwhile, my trial period came to a close and my access to the application and to the support ticket that was generated, was restricted. The only communication I get from them at this point is, send money! Very frustrated. The star ratings I’ll be giving are based on a terrible 2 week trial period.