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5 Best Online Backups In Europe

When you read the title, you might roll your eyes thinking why we are even talking about geographical specific cloud backup companies. After all, you can access to any servers in the world. They just need to be connected to the Internet, and hey that’s what cloud is all about, right?

But then, there are a lot of advantages to having networks and servers close to where you live. So if you are living in Europe, or UK or Ireland, you will get faster uplink and network connection to servers in the region than to connect to servers across the Atlantic or even worse, half-way around the world. Not only that, depending on the industry you are in, you might want to use a backup company that adheres to Europe specific regulations. If you are personal user, you might not care about those regulations but then having a team of support staff in same timezone as you and speaking same language will be a lot more convenient for you.

In this article, we have gathered 5 best online backup companies from those we have tested. Some of them we have already covered in reviews here, and few of them are not. Several things such as price range, available services and such to cover a wide range.


Rank Provider Starting Price Review Link
1  $5.99/mo Read Review Visit Site
2 $6.66/mo Read Review Visit Site
3 $12.62/mo Read Review Visit Site
4  $3.82/mo Read Review Visit Site 
5  $4/month  Read Review Visit Site

1. Mozy – From $5.99/month

There is no surprise here that Mozy gets #1 spot in this list. Sure, it is not Europe-founded company but Mozy has business operations in Ireland and UK, and have a network that cover Europe region. Plus, they are backed by VMWare and EMC Corporation so it’s one hell of a solid company. Customer service is also available in English, German and French, so it’s a nice change from only having English language support. You don’t get unlimited storage and starting plan will cost you $5.99 per month for 50GB of storage and one PC. Next up to the tier is $9.99 per month which will give you 125GB storage space. Additional computers will cost $2/month per computer, and extra storage is priced at $2/month for 20GB. Professional plans will start from $17.50 to $332.50 per month depending on space of 50GB up to 1 TB. Those are only for one computer and additional computers will cost you more. We have a full review about Mozy here.

Visit Mozy

2. SOS Online Backup – From $79.95/year

SOS Online Backup has business operations and network in Europe, Asia and US, covering a wide part of the world for their customers all over on this planet. The starting plan will cost you $79.95 per year and give you 50GB of storage, but you can backup up to 5 PCs or Macs without any additional cost. 100GB plan is charged at $99.95 per year and 150GB will eat $149.95 per year from your wallet. Sure, it doesn’t offer unlimited storage, and the pricing may seem kinda high. But if you compare it to other services like Carbonite or Mozy, then it will cost a lot more for you to backup 5 computers with other companies while SOS lets you do it straight out of the box. It also offers a vast array of impressive features such as unlimited versioning (most companies give 30 days or 60 days versioning), Facebook backup and many more. But their software is dead simple to use despite of all those features they offer. You can read our full review here.

Visit SOS

3. HiDrive – From Free

HiDrive is a Germany-based company and have networks in both Europe and US. The website is very cheery and colorful, and its cloud backup services are kinda unique. First of all, it lets you access to your storage space using WebDAV, FTP, Rsync SCP and Samba. Basically, it lets you backup to them in your own way. Their only client software will do restoration for you. You will find yourself performing a lot of file management tasks, uploading and whatnot using the web interface (pretty slick one at that). There are only three plans, and you get 5GB for free with WebDAV access. HiDrive 100 (100GB storage) will cost you -‚¬9.99 per month and HiDrive 500 (500GB storage) will set you back for a pretty -‚¬29.90 per month. There are apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 too. Here is our full review.

Visit HiDrive

4. DollyDrive – From $3/month

We actually want to give this kick-ass company higher position than #4. But DollyDrive only works with Mac and Time Machine. Actually, it’s created to backup your Time Machine onto the cloud. If it offers more than that, we would definitely be happy to put it on somewhere higher. DollyDrive isn’t a Europe-based company, but they have a data center in Rome, and will let customers choose to use either Europe grid or US grid when they sign up. Its plans are nowhere near pricey (from $3 per month for 50GB of storage) and you also get 5GB additional free storage every month (yes, compounding free storage) until Standard Plan which will cost you $7 per month and give you 250GB of storage. After Standard Plan, you no longer get to enjoy free 5GB every month but you will also get plenty of storage starting from 500GB up to 2TB. Those are only for individual plans. Family plans will give you 250GB ($7/month) of storage up to 8TB ($143.96/month) if you want, and you get to backup more than one Mac too. DollyDrive also gives you syncing as well as fully bootable hard drive cloning features. You can go ahead and read how much we love DollyDrive here.
Visit DollyDrive

5. Memopal – From Free

Memopal is based in Rome, Italy, so if you live in Europe or nearby, then you may want to check them out. They offer 3GB storage plan for free, and you get all the backup features with it. If you want to upgrade to get more storage space, there comes the confusion. You can get 200GB at $49/year or 300GB at $69/year. If you purchased 200GB first and later decide to switch to 300GB, then you can do so at additional $30/year. If you stick to 200GB then, additional 150GB is charged at $70/year while 200GB more will set you back for $100/year. And if you have subscribed to 300GB in the first place, you can either get 50GB more ($40/year) or 100GB ($70/year). So the bottom line is that for personal plans, you can get up to 400GB, although pricing is hella confusing. If you want business plan, then it’s a lot simpler. $48/year for 10GB storage, 1 computer. Any additional storage will be charged at $2.4/year per GB. Now that you are confused, you can either read our full review here or move on.

Visit Memopal

Published on: November 18,2012.
Pete runs Best Backups and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter or Google+

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  1. Your guide is not much use as it does not specify if “ALL DATA” will ONLY be held on servers located within the EU (other European states) and thus be subject to their privacy and security laws and kept out of other jurisdictions e.g. USA. I would imagine most people who look at European servers are doing so for this reason.

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