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5 Best Online Backups In Asia

UPDATE: We have updated the article with a link to a detailed review about Kleii.

Whenever a tech site talks about cloud storage and backup companies, media attention mostly goes to companies from Europe or US. We all know about Dropbox, Google Drive, Mozy, Carbonite, CrashPlan and whatnot. But then, we are forgetting that Asia is a continent with loads of interesting tech companies and start-ups. So what about cloud storage industry?

With that question in mind, we take a look and found several really interesting companies with their own offerings of cloud storage and backup services. Some offer standard services similar to many others we have used, but some offer “value-added” services and features to existing platforms like Google Drive. There are even a few that are going head-on with existing companies such as Dropbox. We might not have heard about them, but their growths are actually tremendous and fast. Many of the companies are also backed by angel investors and venture capital firms as well.

So we have chosen 5 backup companies based and founded in Asia for this article. There will be a few that are not quite your “run of the mill” online backup companies so be prepared for a few nice surprises.

1. Kleii – From Free

Kleii - logo

Kleii is the most interesting service out of all 5 here. By nature, it is only cloud syncing and storage service, much like Dropbox in general. It is a Vietnam-based startup but founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by several angel investors and venture capitalists. The growth is pretty intense and it is so surprising to see a new startup going head on against Dropbox and Google Drive. You get 2GB for free, and you can actually get up to 50GB for free by referrals and other offers. Kleii offers cloud music streaming straight out of the box for Kleii mobile apps users. And within its web interface, you can open and edit over 30 file types using HTML5 web apps without leaving Kleii. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. How it will fare against the major contenders like Dropbox, we will have to wait and see. Here is our comprehensive review about Kleii.

Visit Kleii

2. Exabytes InstantBackup – From Free

InstantBackup is more “traditional cloud backup” oriented offering from a Malaysia based cloud hosting and IT solutions provider Exabytes. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux, it is actually pretty solid platform and also offer loads of features for power users. There are 7 premium plans in total to choose from but the only difference is in the storage you will get. From 10GB ($19 per year) to 1000GB ($419 per year), you can have your pick on somewhere in the middle like 100GB ($69 per year) or 300GB ($139 per year) too. On really good thing about Exabytes InstantBackup is that they offer “initial seed backup” by sending you an external hard drive so that you can backup your files onto it and ship it back to them. Then they will hook the hard drive up into their network and transfer all your files. It will save loads of time if you have a lot of files to backup, and it is a feature that a lot of Asian users sorely miss from US and Europe based backup service providers simply because of shipping costs to get a hard drive shipped to Asia and send back. Exabytes also offer restoration feature by sending you a hard drive with your backups on it too. If you are technically inclined, then you will want to look at “pre and post scripts” feature which allow you to control how Exabytes perform using .cmd, .exe or .bat files. There is a command-line interface for those who prefer it to GUI too. And although Exabytes doesn’t market their service as business backup, you can also backup Microsoft SQL and My SQL database servers too.

Visit Exabytes

3. ASUS WebStorage – From Free

We all know ASUS as computer hardware manufacturer from Taiwan. Now, they are also offering cloud storage service named ASUS WebStorage. You get 5GB storage for free with all features like syncing, backup, mobile apps with music player and so on. If you want to go Pro, it costs $3 per computer and $0.30 per GB usage per month. So if you need 100GB, it will cost you like $33. Pretty hefty price, to be honest. And although there is syncing support (which is usual, run of the mill kind of syncing), our tests show that uploads and downloads are quite slow. The software is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone too. Honestly, we are not impressed. Just stick with Dropbox or Google Drive and you will be fine.

Visit ASUS

4. Insync – Free For Now

Insync isn’t actually a separate online backup service but rather a service built on top of Google Drive. In fact, Insync was built way before Google Drive was still Google Docs. Founded in Singapore, Insync actually gives a lot of features that Google Doc was lacking, and now features that Google Drive should have bundled in. For instance, using Insync, you can log-in to multiple Google Drive accounts while still syncing from all accounts. You can edit Google Docs in offline and sync back when you have Internet connection. There is a sharing option in right-click menu with Insync, and also support external hard drive syncing. Currently, Insync is free and still in beta. Best thing of all is that Insync is available for Mac, Windows and Linux, when official Google Drive client software isn’t available for Linux.

Visit Insync

5. DropMySite.com – From Free

We love DropMySite, an easy to use websites, email and databases backup service company from Singapore. True that it is not your typical backup service provider that will backup your computer, but then, DropMySite also makes backing up your emails and websites really easy. Usually, backing up your own site and databases are really a chore, but DropMySite makes it pretty easy. You get 2GB plan for free, and Pro 50 account (50GB) will set you back for $9.99 per month while Pro 100 (100GB) will cost you $19.99 per month. So if you are a blogger or have a personal website and looking for an easy to use online backup solution provider, DropMySite is something you will want to look at.

Visit DropMySite

Published on: November 19,2012.
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