RemotePC Further Diversifies IDrive’s Output With Foray Into Remote Access Software

RemotePC Further Diversifies IDrive’s Output With Foray Into Remote Access Software

Online backup giant IDrive has added to its growing collection of additional services with the recent launch of RemotePC – a new and improved tool which allows users to manage computers and Macs remotely from any other PC, tablet or mobile device.

While IDrive’s recent innovations (including wireless storage device IDrive One and personal document manager Smart Docs) have broadened the company’s focus, this new development is a significant step further away from their online backup comfort zone, and further into the fast-expanding IoT paradigm.

It’s another savvy move for IDrive, who so far have maintained a strong core product whilst diversifying the services that they provide. At a somewhat uncertain time for the online backup industry – with growing competition from Storage as a Service providers and the ever-present threat from Cloud storage services like Dropbox – this decision to put down extra roots seems like a smart one.


IDrive’s RemotePC is simple to use, with nothing more than an internet connection and some fairly non-invasive software required to manage your devices. You can even remotely reboot and connect to logged off devices – so no need to keep your remote computer logged in and vulnerable while you’re away.

If you’re accessing an office computer, you may also like to make use of RemotePC’s privacy settings, which include the ability to maintain a blank screen on your remotely accessed device, so that no onlookers will be able to track your work. On top of this, users can also move files quickly and easily between both local and remote devices, as well as securing their data with 256-bit AES encryption during transfer.

One of the major advantages of RemotePC is the fact that it allows users to invite other colleagues to access their computer remotely – an interesting development in collaborative working, as well as a potentially invaluable tool for troubleshooting; although issues regarding the security of this feature are likely to rumble on. For tech support, however, it’s a big step forward – and an integrated chat feature, as well as the ability to record remote sessions, further increase the range of RemotePC’s potential applications.

There are several IDrive RemotePC plans on offer, all of which following their tried-and-tested pricing structure, with a discounted price for the first year’s subscription – in this case, a generous 50% off, although this offer is time limited.


Accounts start with the Basic Plan, which offers access to three computers for $49.50 per year ($24.75 first year discount). The next step up is the Plus Plan, with access to 10 computers for $99.50 per year ($49.75 first year discount), followed by two Small Business Plans – 50 computers for $499.50 /year ($29.75 first year price), and 100 computers for $99.50 /year ($499.75 first year price). For mobile access, the software runs on iOS 7.0 and Android 3.0 and later, and the app is free to download from both Google Play and iTunes stores.

Remote access is by no means a new idea for software providers, but IDrive’s strong track record and existing use within major business and enterprise operations suggests that this might just take off. Until then, it seems well worth keeping a close eye on IDrive, as the pioneering company continues to expand the reach of the backup industry.

Published on: July 25,2016.

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