Network Attached Storage (3+ Amazing Guides to Get Going!)

Network Attached Storage (3+ Amazing Guides to Get Going!)

Here, you can find official BestBackups guides to three essential types of NAS system:

  • Commercial NAS devices by manufacturers like QNAP and Synology which you can just plug in and go
  • Simple DIY systems built from a router and an external storage device, and run using DD-WRT
  • NAS devices that you can build from scratch using reclaimed hardware

We'll tell you the pros and cons of each approach, give you a few walkthroughs of tricky processes, and help you decide the best way to store files within your network. Alternatively, if you're just getting started, our Rough Guide to Network Attached Storage should get you up to speed with all of the basics.

For a quick and easy way to get started, you can also check out our NAS comparison for an idea of which type of device will meet your needs best. 

Once you've chosen your NAS setup, you can make your data bombproof by backing it up online, check these online backup options for NAS.

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Published on: August 4,2016.

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