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SugarSync Editorial Review

User Comments

    Been with them for 4 or 5 years now. Good so far as syncing goes. If you rely on the online copy of your files beware – they have no version states for your folders, can’t trace your most recent uploads and there is no undo options. Ie SugarSync has no from end – your local device is it. Any mishandling must be solved with your computer as the website has no very limited functionality.

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    Sugarsync is a very very shady company, period.

    For one they lost thousands of my files–I wasted hundreds of hours trying to find these files in emails and other softwares we use. This happened in August–at the time I told tech support I wanted to just cancel and moved over to Google Drive.

    Lo and behold on Nov 30th Sugarsync charged me for the year!!! On Dec 1st I emailed that I had canceled and that I didn’t want the service. Days later I got an email that said I had to use a special link to cancel!? That is available from 10AM to 2 PM PST!!?!? I tried for weeks and ended up waiting 20+ minutes before giving up. Finally on the 14th I got a reply after 20 minutes of waiting–that I had to email again!?? And they will not refund me for a product I did not want and am not using. So I now have to waste the time and dispute the charge with my bank. Stay away, stay far away. Any company that relies on stealing money is one that should not stay in business long. Ridiculous.