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CrashPlan Editorial Review

User Comments

    Hi, having used Crashplan for over 2 years. I think it was one of the best and most comprehensive backup systems out there – lately though been using Backblaze. Why?

    If you consider Crashplan, over time you’ll need some technical skills. If you don’t regularly look into the status reports it may just continue not backing up. E.g. you’ll need to reset cache from a command line.

    Also, their settings are not very user friendly.

    And lately their support just don’t answer… Have a look at this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/606765/Code42%20Helpdesk%20%3A%20Request%23705838%20'backup%20stoping%20even%20though%20…’.pdf
    Just can’t get an answer. Quite unbelievable and in my opinion unforgivable when its my backup at risk.

    Because of this I didn’t renew my plan with the result that not even my local backups to my external drive, which should be free, are working.

    Of course I don’t know with the rest of their users but setting up a new ticket was just deleted by support…

      Thanks very much for your comment Jens, we really appreciate your thoughts. Unfortunately, the link you included in your original post doesn’t seem to be working – please do send us an updated version if you get the chance.