Operating Systems

  • Android Android
  • iPhone iPhone
  • Mac Mac
  • Windows Windows
  • Windows Phone Windows Phone


  • Automatic Backups Automatic Backups
  • File Sharing File Sharing
  • File Versioning File Versioning
  • FTP Access FTP Access
  • Manual backup Manual backup
  • Multiple Computers Multiple Computers
  • NAS Compatible NAS Compatible
  • Scheduled Backups Scheduled Backups
  • Tablet Compatible Tablet Compatible
  • Web Access Web Access

Pay With

  • Visa / Mastercard Visa / Mastercard


  • 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
  • Email support Email support
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Maximum Price
URL www.livedrive.com


LiveDrive Editorial Review

User Comments

    Signed up for a lifetime subscription via DripBit. What can you say about a service that took six months to back up my files online, consistently used up 30% of my memory, and then, when things went sour with DripBit, arbitrarily cancelled my subscription, no refund or recourse? Avoid LiveDrive like the plague.

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