If you’re a budding writer interested in online backups, storage systems and other related areas of technology, or a tech blog owner, you’re welcome to submit content for our consideration.


We welcome a wide range of articles on the subject of online backups and storage, but highly value articles on the following topics:

  • Guides – helping users get the most out of their backup providers
  • Backup Security – how to keep your backed up data secure
  • Useful internet tools
  • Innovative backup solutions or ideas


  1. Links to your content

We’re happy to accept links to your own content as long as it delivers value to the reader. Always think about whether your article is delivering useful information to the reader, and whether a link in that article would help them even further.

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We’ll mention you on our social media platforms, which will increase the visibility of your content even further.

  1. Long-term relationship

We love to work with people long term. If you’ve written one article we like, why not write 10? Or 100? Perhaps we can mutually help our websites grow by mentioning each other on social media? The possibilities are endless. We are open to any ideas as long as they abide by Google (and other search engines) rulebook.


  1. We’ll judge whether your content delivers value to our readers. This is subjective, so please don’t be upset if we don’t publish your content. You can always try again, but we reserve the right not to publish submissions.
  2. Your content has to be unique. If one sentence is plagiarised, it won’t be published, unless it’s a quote, in which case mention the initial author.


If you’d like to submit content, just contact us or send an email to [email protected]