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5 Best Cloud Storage Reseller Deals (Best Providers for 2016)

Becoming a Cloud storage reseller can be a very good way of boosting your monthly earnings, as well as of offering a complete, managed online backup solution to your clients.

While there are a broad range of cloud storage reseller programs out there, not all of them offer a high-quality product, good commission, and adequate user support. To help you cut straight to the chase, we’ve singled out the providers that offer the best deal for resellers and put together the features that make them stand out from the pack. Read on to find out more!



[vpnbest value=”5″] 5/5

Best Cloud Storage Reseller

  • PROS
  • No expiry date on licenses
    Inclusive acceptance policy
    Comprehensive support resources
    Easy to use
  • CONS
  • Relatively limited pricing options

Backblaze wins the race here thanks to an inclusive reseller acceptance policy, plenty of support resources, and a product that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes. It also scores highly on ease of use and reliability.

If you’re looking to resell Cloud storage to clients, Backblaze allows you to earn up to 30% of the ongoing subscription charges as commission. This can soon add up!

Furthermore, whichever product you choose to sell, however, you’ll be able to claim commission for license renewals until each given subscription is canceled – giving you the potential to keep earning for years to come.

So far as subscription management is concerned, you’ll be the first point of contact for your customers, although Backblaze also offers plenty of support resources to help you out. You’ll get access to a dedicated reseller support team, as well as being assigned a dedicated account manager, and there are plenty of tips for getting started on the Backblaze website.

With plenty of resources on offer, Backblaze succeeds by making the reselling process as straightforward as possible, minimizing time and stress for you. There are no quotas to meet, and they’ll accept you with open arms whether you’re a large-scale IT services operation, a one-person consultancy team, or something in between.

For more information on what Backblaze offers to resellers, you can sign up using the button below – and remember to check ‘BestBackups’ when letting them know how you got there!

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2nd place


[vpnbest value=”4.5″] 4.5/5


  • PROS
  • Set your own sales price
    Customise subscriptions
    30-day money back guarantee
    Extensive white labeling options
  • CONS
  • Fairly hefty subscription fee
    Pay extra for add-ons

When it comes to flexible earning potential, LiveDrive has a lot to offer. As a Cloud storage reseller, you’ll pay a subscription fee of €64.95 (approx $71.60*) per month or €649.50 (approx $716) per year, after which you’ll only be charged for the storage space that you use (not per account) – leaving you free to price the software however you like. On top of this, there’ll be a €109.95 (approx $121.20) setup fee if you pay per month, although this will be waived if you sign up for a year at a time.

Paying for a LiveDrive Backup or Suite subscription will buy you 5TB of storage space, which will be automatically increased by LiveDrive as/when your monthly use exceeds the limit. At this point, it will increase either by 1TB, with a charge of €27.50 (approx $30.30), or by 5TB for €65.00 (approx $71.64), depending on which is most cost-effective. There are also a number of optional paid add-ons, including the option to add a NAS or network storage backup to any given account, along with a separate price structure for Business and Briefcase backups.

Once you’re set up as a LiveDrive reseller, you’ll be able to customize user accounts – allocating storage space, turning selected features and permissions on and off, and more. You’ll also be able to see exactly how much space is being used by each client. Like Backblaze, you’ll be their go to for support issues, although LiveDrive provides dedicated Cloud storage reseller support during US business hours, and there are a few additional resources available on their website.

On top of this, you can also choose to co-brand the software before resale, or make use of LiveDrive’s extensive white labeling service, which allows you to change not just names and logos, but also to images, captions, sections of text, login URLs and more.

On the whole, then, LiveDrive is a great choice if you’re looking for white labeling and flexibility when it comes to pricing – and there’s even a 30-day money back guarantee on offer to help you make up your mind. Take a look at our LiveDrive review for more info, or sign up using the button below.

*Conversions based on exchange rate at the time of writing.

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3rd place


[vpnbest value=”4″] 4/5


  • PROS
  • Set your own price
    Pay only for the space you use
    Low cost for additional storage
    Sales training available
  • CONS
  • Website is a little misleading

While ElephantDrive’s reseller website can be a little confusing in places, there’s an excellent program hiding beneath the surface, with plenty of flexibility and support, as well as a high-quality backup service with a lot to offer end users.

When you click the Apply Now button on ElephantDrive’s reseller page, you’ll be taken through to a Vault Services registration form. Never fear, however – Vault Services is simply a white labeled version of the ElephantDrive software, and entering your details here will make you eligible to resell ElephantDrive too.

ElephantDrive resellers will need to pay a base fee of $99.95 per month, which entitles you to a starting quota of 2TB of storage space – although only space that’s actively used will be taken into account (as opposed to the total quantity of storage that you’ve allocated). This allowance can later be increased at the cost of $0.10 per GB, per month.

In order to sign up, all applicants will need to provide information on their business/website, after which ElephantDrive will assess the membership request, and follow up directly by email or phone. Once registered, members are free to set their own pricing when selling the service onto their own clients, and can generate an unlimited number of licenses for end-users. You can also request advice on sales techniques from ElephantDrive staff if required.

To find out more about what ElephantDrive has to offer end users, you can check out our software review. Alternatively, why not follow the link below to try it for yourself!

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4th place


[vpnbest value=”3.5″] 3.5/5


  • PROS
  • Set your own pricing
    Plenty of opportunity for growth
    Support resources & training
    Optional co-branding
  • CONS
  • Strict – yearly quota, entrance exam
    No specific pricing info
    No white labeling

As one of the most popular backup solutions for SMEs, Box has a ready-made appeal to business clients, thanks to software that’s optimized for professional use, with easy collaboration, file sharing, and flexible access permissions.

When it comes to signing up as a Cloud storage reseller, you’ll need to pass a test demonstrating your proficiency in Box software. If successful, you’ll start out as a Member Partner – the entry-level Box reseller classification – with the option to progress on and become a Choice or Premier partner if your client base continues to grow.

All partners are free to set their own resale prices in the currency of their choice, although Box will work with you to develop a suggested price schedule, which you are strongly encouraged to maintain. Once you’ve sold a backup license to a client, you’ll receive commission at every renewal until the account is canceled – whether that’s in a year, or a decade.

There are no signup or membership fees involved in becoming a Box reseller, but there are sales quotas, which will be developed based on the size of your organization and client base. As a result, pricing and estimated returns will differ significantly from client to client – making it hard for us to suggest a figure here. Once you’re registered, however, you’ll be assigned a point of contact at Box, who will be able to give you further information.

As a reseller for Box, you’ll be taken good care of – with an information pack to get you started, as well as weekly online training courses to help you become familiar with both technical and sales skills. As a result, however, you’ll also be expected to act as the first point of contact for all client communications, and to provide first-line support.

With an excellent reputation as a backup solution for small and medium-sized organizations, Box is easy software to sell – although you’ll need to invest some time and effort to find out exactly how it can best work for you. Find out more about Box backup by reading our review, or click the button below to head straight to Box and sign up today.

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5th place


[vpnbest value=”3″] 3/5


  • PROS
    Discounted pricing available
    Popular service
    Package and price software yourself
    Monitor storage use
  • CONS
  •               No white labeling (co-branding only)

Offering a comprehensive backup solution that encompasses everything from archiving and NAS backups to file sharing and automated uploads, IDrive is a popular online backup service with plenty of resale potential.

The IDrive reseller program allows you to purchase storage space in bulk and use it to create any number of sub-accounts for your clients – rather than paying per account created. Storage space can be purchased in three tiers: 2.5TB for $799.50 per year, 5TB for $1499.50 per year, or 12.5TB for $2999.50 per year. As with IDrive’s consumer products, you’ll also find plenty of offers and discounts here too – at the time of writing, we found 25% off for your first year, as well as a 10% discount available on full-price plans, although these offers may be subject to change.

Once you’ve bought your storage space, it’s up to you to package and price the software as you see fit. There’s no white labeling option, but you can co-brand alongside IDrive, although your company will need to be reviewed before approval for this is granted. You’ll also have the ability to track your clients’ storage use, and will act as their primary support for account queries and any technical issues, while IDrive offers a range of reseller support resources of their own to help you out where required.

For a full rundown of IDrive’s backup service, head over to our review – or sign up directly by following the link below.

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White Labeling

White labeling is the process by which commercial backup providers allow resellers to rebrand the software that they sell on to clients. There are several ways to do this – the most common being by replacing original logos with your own, or ones that have been designed for your client. Some providers will also allow you to make more substantial changes, including replacing headings and blocks of text, and adding custom login fields and URLs.

As you’ll see from the list above, not all backup providers offer white labeling, while some others have a co-branding option instead. In these cases, you’ll be able to feature your own branding alongside the backup provider’s – with specifics varying depending on which company you’re working with.

Best Services for Cloud Backup Resellers – Conclusion

With dozens of online backup providers on the market, and the majority of them offering Cloud storage reseller programs, it can be time-consuming to trawl through all of the options to find one that will work for you. We hope that this list has given you a good introduction to some of the best services currently on offer and that, combined with our provider reviews, it will help you to make the best decision possible. If you’ve got any other suggestions, or would like to share your reselling experiences, please feel free to leave us a comment using the form below!

Published on: July 12,2016.

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