A short guide to online backups

With millions of people around the world now using computers and mobile devices to work, talk and keep hold of important files and photos, finding a way to keep your data safe in the virtual world has become a top priority. Hard drive failure, file corruption and accidental deletions can all put your documents at risk, so what can you do to make sure that they aren’t lost forever?

The short answer – backup your data.

Backing up provides you with a place to store extra copies of your files, so that you can retrieve them if anything happens to the originals. Online backup companies offer varying amounts of Cloud storage space for a monthly fee (although some have free plans available too), and provide you with software to help upload, download, organise, and share the files that you want to back up.

Here at BestBackups, we take a closer look at the dozens of providers offering to store your data in the Cloud, with the aim of helping you to find a subscription that meets all of your needs.

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Pete Zaborszky, BestBackups.com owner