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4Shared online storage and file sharing offers high quality free online hosting and sharing services to a diverse customer base across the globe. Two pretty simple plans are offered; Free, which offers 15 GB of free storage, and Premium which offers pretty much the same service across the board (150 GB), but rewards customers with cheaper rates for longer contracts. The 4Shared service is simple to operate and understand, and thus the company has quickly gained a significant client base. The 4Shared platform supports both mobile and static devices, and its service is functional on most popular operating systems.


4Shared has been around for about 7 years now, and since its inception has enjoyed a great deal of popularity. Based in Cyprus, its success is due largely to its features such as 4Sync which allows cross-platform syncronization of user accounts, innovative services, ease of use, and affordable plans. It’s also an attractive service to application developers and software professionals because it has more than 100 API functions available on its platform.

Other than being compatible with all major PC and laptop operating systems these days, 4Shared supports many smart- phone operating systems that are supported on the 4Shared’s 4Sync client application, available for free download from the company’s website. The company possesses a large team of dedicated developers who are constantly improving the service, and it shows. 4Shared is host to more than 150 million visitors and 350 million page views each month. They also enjoy a strong fan base of more than 300,000 social network friends.

4Shared offers free storage up to 15 GB and 100 GB for paying customers. Price plans are based on contract lengths of monthly, quarterly, or annually instead of upon data usage. Customer support is also highly regarded, and data security can definitely be trusted.


Plans & Pricing

4Shared seems to be a pretty good deal, but very basic. The free plan is for 15 GB of storage, but if you plan on doing much more than storing data away somewhere safe, the Premium plan is the way to go; the free plan is basically featureless and slow. The Premium plan is as low as $6.50 per month (if you pay yearly), with a free one-month trial. Plan details are shown in the following figure.

Free Plan @ Free of Charges: 15GB Storage Space, 2MB Max File Size, Low Download Speed, and Ads Delay with download.

Premium Plans with Variable Duration Contracts:

Premium One Year Contract @ $6.50/Month: 100GB Storage Space, 5GB Max File Size, High Download Speed, 100GB Premium Traffic, No Ads Delay with Downloads

Premium Three Month Contract @ $23.95/3-Months: 100GB Storage Space, 5GB Max File Size, High Download Speed, 100GB Premium Traffic, No Ads Delay with Downloads

Premium Six Month Contract @ $42.95/6-Months: 100GB Storage Space, 5GB Max File Size, High Download Speed, 100GB Premium Traffic, No Ads Delay with Downloads

Premium One Month Contract @ $9.95/Months: 100GB Storage Space, 5GB Max File Size, High Download Speed, 100GB Premium Traffic, No Ads Delay with Downloads




  • Simple registration and service use
  • Simple data management and 4Sync client application
  • Siple service plans based on contract length instead of usage.
  • Support for most internet-capable devices
  • Support for most operating systems
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Industry grade security and encryption of data both at rest and in transition
  • Payment, registration and login on highly secure SSL connection
  • Automatic virus scans
  • Up to 100GB of data storage
  • Up to 5 GB per upload
  • Support for FTP and SFTP for access and upload
  • Drag and drop upload capability
  • Sub domain names up to 100 numbers for sharing your folders
  • Automatic social media file sharing of accounts linked with 4Shared
  • Large trash bin capable of restoring files deleted by mistake
  • Free software updates and patches
  • Support speed accelerator software like GetRight, FlashGet, or ReGet
  • Thorough usage statistics of user accounts
  • Direct internet uploads with Web-Grab option
  • Online zipping functionality
  • Free auto backup for paid users
  • Customized background and account history downloads
  • Photo view software allows photos to be viewed in zoomed form or slide show with comments
  • Anonymous file upload of multiple files and upload status
  • Sharing files as embedded links
  • Online music streaming and video streaming capability
  • Preview function available for text files
  • Tight physical security of data server premises
  • Network security has multiple levels of firewalls and authentication processes
  • Clearly defined privacy policy
  • Provides opportunity for reselling and advertisement business
  • Enterprises able to post advertisements on the website to get noticed by other users
  • Clearly defined service-level agreement; 99.9% network availability



4Shared security consists of two very important divisions, both of which are industry-grade systems, ensuring the safety of all stored and managed data. Here’s a list of security features found in 4Shared.

Physical Security:

  • State of the art data centers located in secure industrial areas
  • Automatic door locks integrated with biometric authentication
  • Photo IDs required for entrance into the data centers and hardware cabinets
  • CCTV cameras
  • Fire alarm system synchronized with local fire departments
  • Customer and partner access is managed by Siebel
  • Multi-tier security levels
  • Redundant equipment for critical operation like network connectivity, network cards, server processors, power supplies and switches etc

Logical Security:

Data’s biggest risk is not physical threat of equipment but instead through system hackers of databases and the like. Here’s how 4Shared protects against such attacks.

  • Secure multilevel firewalls within the network to safeguard data and network access
  • Latest access-control lists and security policies pertaining to network control
  • Data transport takes place within 128-bit secure SSL connections
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Encryped passwords and user names
  • Data access granted through application server for different partners, thus ensuring security and integrity of data is maintained
  • All data folders are password-level capable
  • Regular data backup
  • General search exclusion for files chosen to be nonpublic
  • Industrial-strength antivirus/anti-malware software


Customer Service

4Shared has dedicated 24/7 staff for each branch of customer service, ensuring a specialized agent for each customer concern. There is a predefined TAT for the resolution of the queries, and most issues are resolved in less than a day.

There is also a good number of technical articles, videos, and answers to FAQs available. A tour of the services is available on the website, as well as a customer blog available for discussion of issues or for creating new leads related to questions or concerns.


The process (Sign-up & Install)

4Shared registration is simple and the client application is light-weight. simple download/install for most computers and devices. The registration and system usage processes are illustrated here.

  • Go to and fill in the Sign Up fields on the right right of the page
  • Fill in the registration form as shown in the following figure and select Create Account

  • A confirmation prompt will direct you to your email for account verification


  • Login to your email provider and open your email
  • Click the confirmation link, such as the one below

  • Once you’re bonafide, feel free to click Home

  • Your Home page will look like this

  • To make changes to your settings,  click the Settings icon located at the top right of your Home page
  • You’ll be presented with a Settings page as shown in the following figure
  • Settings will allow you to make account customizations from the following tabs, as well as view messages and perform tasks


Download and Installation of 4Sync Software

In order to use the 4Shared program, you first need to download the software, which you’ll find on your Home page under the Sync link above the big cloud with a 4 in it. Select the appropriate operating system for your computer and follow the installation instructions once 4Sync is finished downloading.

  •  Login to your existing account

  • Choose Standard installation


Using 4Shared

  • Once 4Sync has finished installing, open the 4Sync file on your computer
  • You can use all default folders as shown in the following figure

  • Upload pictures by double clicking the My Photo folder and copy/paste photos from your computer into the folder
  • 4Sync will automatically upload  to your account and will verify success with a green check mark on each file, such as seen in the picture below
  • You can verify these uploading of the pictures by logging through web browser to 4Sahred account and going to My 4Shared home as shown in following figure

Sharing Files

  • To share files, select them from the directory and click Share from the toolbar
  • Select Send file from the following popup, input the detination email address, and click Share

New Folder

  • Highlight a directory, such as the My Photo folder
  • Click New Folder and enter the new folder’s name
  • Click OK to confirm

  • To upload files using the 4Shared interface, click Upload Files or Upload Folder from the bottom of the page
  • Choose the data to be uploaded from your computer’s files and click OK
  • Your folder will automatically upload


4Shared has been a popular storage and file sharing service since its humble beginnings, and to date the company can boast millions of users worldwide. It houses a plethora of shared public content and it provides excellent security. Its service is well-featured and easy to use. Its customer support provides users with plenty of educational material, and agents are standing by in case of problems. 4Shared is suitable for both home and office use, thus making it highly recommended.


Published on: July 24,2018.
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