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ZipCloud Editorial Review

User Comments

    The backups are difficult to navigate, with no way to search for duplicate files (which are common since moving a file on the computer means it ends up in both locations on the backup) and no way to determine which folders contain updated files was the up to date one (the modified date of the folder does not reflect files being added to it). Deleting apparent copies of the folders made all of the files in all folders disappear! So far, customer service has been completely unhelpful.
    In addition, each time I delete a file manually, I get a message asking if I want to upgrade, and selecting “Please don’t ask again” has no effect. Basically they seem to be trying to force me to pay more money to continually upgrade.

    DONT trust Zip Cloud – try to go into your folders ‘backed up’ by Zip Cloud – and see how often, trying to download a file, will give you this: ‘The file could not be downloaded right now. Please try later’. And ‘later’ is just a figure of speech – I have hundreds of files responding like this and ZipCloud support just give me a song and dance about some connection going wrong – with no warning message – meaning that my files ARE NOT BACKD UP! Nothing to do, my data is NOT safe for ever – but LOST forever. So if you want to use Zip Cloud, remember, after each ‘back up’ to go in and check every single file to see if it really IS backed up…

    Worst product/service of any kind. After signing up, I receive constant warnings like “Account Expired” and “Out of Backup Space” – Upgrade Now”. My constant complaints about this scam receives a response from support, but it still occurs.

    When I needed to restore my files to a new computer after my old one failed, the restore process failed to work. Support did nothing to fix the problem. Many of my files (about 20%) are also missing. After 4 weeks of no satisfaction with my failed restore, I’ve cancelled my account.

    I had a 2 year agreement with zipcloud for an “unlimited” plan. I have recently found out that my usage which is 800 GB is apparently more than unlimited and that I either have to upgrade to a business account (I do NOT use my account for business) or my account will be deleted. I have no way to talk to anyone in person as they have no call center and they have so far only sent me generic emails. A very unethical company. I wish I had known sooner!! If 800 GB in todays day and age is too much to back up then this company has some serious issues. My computer’s hard drive is 1 TB and it was made in 2010!!!

    When you’ve signed up for what seems like a reasonable price you find you have to pay extra for a load of things you would’ve expected to have been included so in the end you find you’re paying considerably more than the advertized price. And then there are aspects of the service that just don’t work, their customer support is terrible and when you ask for a refund, since they claim they have an “any time money back guarantee” they quote some small print in their terms and conditions that blatantly contradicts their advertizing.

    I’ve been using them for a month at it works fine, I like the unlimited space, that’s the one I went for.