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The Amazing Backblaze Reseller Plan (and Special Deal)

If you provide IT support, becoming a Backblaze reseller is a great way to establish a solid stream of extra revenue for your business. The best part is that you can do so delivering a tried and tested backup solution to your clients. We have a special offer running on this – click here to jump straight to it now.

Reselling online backup solutions has long been a reliable way for IT businesses to generate extra cash. I can vouch for this personally, having spent over a decade as an IT consultant to businesses.

All businesses right down to “one man band” freelancers need a reliable way to backup their data. As the IT consultant, it’s in your interest to make sure the chosen solution truly is reliable. This is because the chances are it will be you who’s called in the event of a data loss crisis! Therefore it makes sense to encourage your customers to sign up to a dependable backup service.

BackBlaze reseller screenshot

By choosing to resell cloud backup services, you can also make regular commission income by partnering up with a quality provider. As the “IT person” you benefit in several ways:

  • You earn commission from your customers’ online backup subscriptions;
  • You have a reliable backup system to work with when you need to deal with a restore;
  • You can potentially also bill your clients for getting everything set up.

Becoming a Backblaze Reseller

We recently took an in-depth look at several online backups for resellers. Backblaze came out at the top of the pack for a number of reasons. First off, the features list is comprehensive. However, the product itself remains user-friendly. Support also exists for plenty of devices. Also, for the benefit of IT consultants and clients alike, there are strong features for centralized management, making it easy to administer backups for multiple machines.

Backblaze reseller

The other factor that really stands out about Backblaze is the company’s willingness to work with IT support providers of all sizes. This means everyone from one-man-band consultants to large Managed Service Providers. We’ve seen other providers turn their noses up at smaller IT companies. This makes little sense when they still have clients who need online backup.

So how about the money, I hear you ask! Backblaze pays up to 30% of the ongoing revenue you generate from your client base. If you proactively sell the solution to your customers this can soon add up to a tidy sum. Again, I can personally vouch for this as someone who continues to receive regular payments from selling online backup years ago. This is despite the fact I eased back on providing IT consultancy in recent years.

A Special Offer from Backblaze

Following discussions with Backblaze, we are pleased to provide a special offer for IT consultants who wish to start selling online backup. All you need to do is sign up as a Backblaze reseller hereselect “BestBackups” in the referral drop-down, and you will receive a free Backblaze licence. You can use this to learn the product and also as your own personal backup solution.

Once you have registered you will get a welcome email with everything you need to get started today. You’ll then be ready to start to sell the product to your customers. Based on my own experience, you should find this an easy sell – especially as everybody needs a backup solution. You’ll also make your own working life easier if you get as many clients as possible standardized on the same backup system.

Resell online backup

Storage with BackBlaze is unlimited. Encryption is end-to-end. This means you shouldn’t run into any capacity or security issues. What about If the worst happens and a client experiences data loss? It’s even possible to arrange for a drive containing your backup to be couriered to you for the fastest possible restore.

As I mentioned at the start, I have personally been involved in reselling online backup. My only regret is that I didn’t do so more proactively and get more clients signed up! I could have avoided some nailbiting restore scenarios, and established more ongoing commission revenue. The chances are I’d still be earning some of it now!

With that in mind, don’t repeat my mistakes. Head over to Backblaze now and be sure to select “BestBackups” in the referral drop down to benefit from the special offer. You can get up and running as a Backblaze reseller today. There’s money just waiting to be made!

Published on: July 27,2016.

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