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iDrive One Giveaway: Win your own personal cloud!

We are pleased to announce an exclusive promotion on the all-new iDrive One personal cloud device. Alongside the opportunity to win one completely free!

In association with BestBackups, iDrive is offering the new iDrive One for just $59.50 instead of the usual price of $99.99. This is a reduction of over 40%! This offer applies to both the 1TB hard drive and 128GB SSD variants. To access the offer, please visit this exclusive page to find the special promotional pricing.

We also have an iDrive device to give away for free to one lucky winner. They will be able to choose a 1TB hard drive model for tons of file storage, or a 128GB SSD model for super-fast performance. There are lots of ways to enter, and hence gain multiple chances of winning. See below to get involved.

iDrive One Giveaway

An introduction to the iDrive One

The iDrive One is the perfect way to set up your own “personal cloud” in which to store your data files. Thereby making them available for access whenever and wherever you require.

It comes in the form of a compact wireless device that you connect to your home or office network. You can use this to backup all of your computers and devices, and do so in a secure encrypted form, safe from prying eyes.

Anyone looking for a hybrid solution can also make use of the 1TB iDrive online account. Furthermore, every new iDrive one purchase includes a 1-year license for this. iDrive is a fantastic cloud backup services, and you can read all about it in our detailed review.

iDrive One

There’s a pleasing amount of innovation going on in the world of online backup. The iDrive One is a great example of this, providing numerous options for backing up your valuable data. Good luck in the competition.

Published on: August 1,2016.

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