Wuala Follows Cyphertite and Announces Closure

Wuala Follows Cyphertite and Announces Closure

Today is a sad day for the online backup industry. Cyphertite, a cloud backup provider with an emphasis on “zero knowledge” security, is closing down its servers. This follows an announcement made by the company’s CEO a couple of months ago.

Apparently the service wasn’t making enough money to remain in operation. Hopefully if you were using Cyphertite you received the notification and have already made alternative provision for storing your data online. Although Cyphertite has blocked off new registrations, it’s not completely clear from the website, even today, that the service has been fully discontinued.

Wuala Shutdown

Hot on the heel of the closure of Cyphertite, we have received news that another popular online backup service will close its doors in the coming months. Yesterday, an email was sent out from Wuala, the online backup service for Lacie, announcing that it to will close.

The full announcement is available here. New sales and renewals were suspended yesterday. Data uploads will stop at the end of next month, and the service will join Cyphertite in a complete shutdown in Mid-November. Wuala  is making the news far more prominent, along with details of refund procedures.

Both of the service providers are sending their ex-customers in the direction of a different company. Cyphertite is recommending Spider Oak and Wuala is recommending Tresorit. Both of these are reputable services. However, customers affected by these closures will surely be keen for reassurance that their next service won’t shut down too.

Published on: August 18,2015.

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