Big news for Carbonite users, as Sync and Share shuts down

Big news for Carbonite users, as Sync and Share shuts down

It’s all change at online backup giant Carbonite, who announced on Friday that they are scrapping their Sync and Share app.

The decision is part of an attempt to refocus on their core service of data protection; taking them out of competition with major file-sharing services such as Dropbox, and instead cornering the market for secure online backups.

Sync and Share takes its final bow on February 28th, with shared files becoming inaccessible from the 1st of March. Until then, the app will still be available to download with full features, although Carbonite is recommending users against setting up any new accounts.

Although bringing a sad close to Carbonite’s combination of unlimited backups and file sharing, the decision to devote more time to secure online storage seems like a positive move, and damage control has been exercised to minimise the impact of the cancellation. While those that regularly use Carbonite for file sharing may need to look elsewhere in March, those wanting remote access to saved data will still be able to reach it using Carbonite’s Anytime, Anywhere Access feature.

Nothing has yet been announced about where Carbonite’s gaze will fall next, but their recent acquisition of EVault gives some indication of where they may be headed. We look forward to finding out more!


Published on: February 1,2016.

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