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Great value for money, it’s among the best, however there are no advanced features at all, like changing the schedule of backups of bandwidth throttling. Read on for more details, or you can sign up now.

Designed for keeping multiple computers in sync at the same time, KeepIt was developed while thinking about these features. KeepIt is targeted at small / medium companies who need to share files on their local network (although the files are kept on secure KeepIt servers).

They feature backup revisioning which is not a common feature but is extremely useful (in other words you can go back and check previous uploads of backups. They have a 30 day free trial for you to use before you have to start paying.

The home version of the software does not have any features basically at least for backing up, no bandwidth throttling, scheduling or anything like that.

The company does have linux support which is unusual but great.

Pricing Pricing Plans

KeepIt do offer a home plan although they are targeting businesses. Their home plan does have unlimited space which is great, but you do need to pay upfront for 1 year.

– Home – unlimited space forĀ $4.95/month

– Business for desktops – unlimited spaceĀ $14.95 / month

– Business for servers – 100GB space from $49 / month (500GB for $169 / month)

The value for money is excellent, the amount you are paying as home user per GB is low, and it is low for business plans as well. So in terms of money they are a good buy.

Features Features

  • Manage multiple users easily
  • Automatic backup every day
  • 60 day backup versioning
  • Data replicated between physically separate locations
  • Secure and simple restore process
  • Linux Support

Security Security


KeepIt use a 256-bit Rijndael-encryption, which is the strongest type you get in the industry. They also support multiple location servers, which enhances your security as well.

Customer Service Customer Service

Their documentation is in PDFs, which I think is a lazy way of not transferring your written guides onto the website. I don’t think that’s very good customer service. Their website content is also a bit short, so I think they just wanted to get the guides out of the way as soon as possible.

The customer service people responded to my question in 2 hours, so very very quick customer support, I was very happy about that.

The process

You can download the software from the front page, although for business versions you do need to pay first. You can see here the prices generally of the business plans. You do get a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

After downloading the files, there is a standard installer that installs the files, after which you can sign up via the software, all you need is an email address (and password later on):

You are then asked to select what files you want to back up:

And with that the initial backup happens straight away:

Now the interesting thing is that once this has happened, the software does not really have any features at all. The settings page looks like this, the only option is to change the backup-ed folders:

And finally we have a very simple restore page:

Conclusion Conclusion

I think KeepIt is a bit too “simple”. They actually lack any basic features that many other providers give you, which are actually useful. I wouldn’t mind scheduling downloads myself, and throttling the bandwidth if my ISP isn’t that keen on lots of uploads.

Their price is very impressive though, it matches some of the best other providers, unlimited space for around $5 is great!



Published on: September 17,2012.
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